The Search for Qylia

The Search for Qylia

The Search for Qylia

The candles of the Library of V’Lorn dance as a wind hollows it’s way through the caverns of Undergate. Raan N’Var peers in the dim light through a mysmaal relic titled ‘Of The Days of Defiance’. He fingers his way down a long list of lesser known historical figures tapping twice over his target. Suddenly a loud knock strikes three times on the aged wooden door.

‘Enter’, he says, slamming the dusty book closed. ‘I assure you S’Kor, I have heard nothing of your missing … Oh…’

Three masked thieves of the Indigo Daggers stand at the entry way with a bound and covered guest in tow.

‘Very good M’Larn! I did not think you would return after my last request. Rather a shame she was taken so easily, I expected more difficulty with this one’

He walks towards the hostage, her clothes torn and blooded, her hands slowly unworking her bindings.

‘There is no need for that my dear. Release her, this one is chosen by the gods’

An indigo dagger removes the hood revealing a young woman. ‘Natalie, yes? We finally have the pleasure of having you as a guest at the Library of V’Lorn. Not a enjoyment we can often extend or have the time for these days. The world being in such the state it is….’

He stares at her, clearly she is infuriated

‘Quiet, aren’t you? Plotting your escape no doubt? I hear you are quite a difficult mouse to catch even for death itself’

Raan smiles and turns back towards his desk, opening up the tome once again. ‘I have a proposal, perhaps of mutual interest. I believe you have had, can we say, a vision?’

He looks upwards, thinking ‘No, no those are hardly the words… Ah yes, You have been chosen to fulfill a holy mandate of the Gods. The Gods which feel you, Natalie, are to restore Zephyr to her rightful place in the pantheon.’

‘Quite a task no?’ he turns to look in her eyes, she returning his gaze with furiosity ‘One might imagine this is impossible. Particularly following your death… I might also add I was rather dissapointed to hear /that/ news. But here you are, standing before me, apparently alive’

‘Aside from your death and resurrection we are not too unsimilar. I have been assigned a holy quest of sorts myself.’ He sighs ‘My benefactors at the Temple of Deuzulus believe they have found the birthplace of Deuzulus. Normally I don’t usually get involved in the duties of the church but when I saw this place for myself Natalie. Well, let’s just say history and lore is my business’, he smiles and slides the book into the view.

‘Few people have seen this book. I myself have studied it for over a decade. When it first fell in my hands I was overwhelmed by it. Fantastical tales of lands and civilisations long lost to time. It wasn’t until various names appeared in the, what I can only describe as proto-mysmaalian, writing that I suddenly understood this was no work of mythology.’

‘And now comes my offer. Far below our feet in the miles sprawling underground kingdom my kin call the Underdark lays this birthplace my people speak of. Ruins, yes, but there lays a portal I am certain I can reactivate. Through that portal lays a time, far in the past where the Gods found their power. Together we shall return Natalie, you shall locate Zephyr and I, well, I have other objectives that I will make clear on our arrival.’

‘So, what do you say?’

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