The First War

The First War

The First War

During the period of the God of Balances seclusion the elemental pantheon took to the task of restoring balance to the world.

Amurru the Deep One would rule the earthern realms and construct a mighty race of stone golems called Gialon

Savira the Enflamed would claim dominance over the flaming remains of the far most corners of the world. By taking from the dragons willingly she would create an unstoppable weapon know as Xephrit Syfyr a Purefire dragon who would lead an army of flaming elementals

Kylia the Tempest would settle the endless oceans with enormous elemental titans and seafolk that would cleanse the lands with tsunamis and endless tempests

Far above the skies Aerin the Valorous would create vast floating cities from the floating remains of the dead sun that had rought the world and in it build majestic cities populated with angels known as the Valerin who would descend to the earth and bring law and peace upon those deemed fit to remain following the great cleansing

Each God also created a second seal to a new realm within the planes

Sindiril - The Palace of Flames

Valisi - The Realm of Valor

Raelion - The Field of Storms

Delgar - The Endless Depths

Throughout the millennias that followed the Gods armies fought an endless battle with the creatures of The Outsiders. These behemoths were driven either deep into the sea or far underground where they would drift into mythological writings of the Dal and Kalderan and as The Ancients. Far below the ground and deep within the seas Raelion and Delgar entombed the Ancients so they might never break the balance again

At the end of the war the gods retreated to the north of the world and Aerins mighty cities fell to the land to form The Garden of the Gods, the pantheon bore many new Gods of Influence during this time, Methabeht being the child of Kylia and Aerin. The Valerin would find great beauty in the Dal and their children would come to be the Tinai. The Mighty Purefire Dragon Syfyrs success on the burning side of solinia saw the lands turn once again to lush green terrain where he would would settle with the fire elementals on the lands that would one day be known as Nasudana

The Dal and Kalderan remained in the largest continent that had not suffered the blow caused by The Outsiders and named it Qylia after the Tempest Goddess Kylia. Here they built large majestic cities in the great forests and deep underground caverns and, one occasion communed with tinai over the will of the gods in the far lands to the north

Some years later as the violence the world had suffered began to settle areas of Qylia began to break away forming new lands. Often the Dal and Kelderan would make pilgrimage to the Garden of the Gods to seek audience with the Gods. During this period the inhabitants found the elemental pantheon silent, perhaps resting from the years of struggle that had proceeded or maybe to leave the people of this world to their own fate

It was during this time that the dragons, nestled away on the content of Kumari would take the place of the gods and grant guidance to the Dal and Kelderan seeing it their duty to ensure balance in the world

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