The Dead Age

The Dead Age

The Dead Age

The Post Cataclysmic era known as the Dead Age is a period of our history that many scholars have toiled over deciphering tomes of lost civilisations, excavating ancient ruins and even communing with those that have passed beyond this world and far into the stretching Maw. Now, after a recent discovery and a chance meeting with the natives (that our people have come to name The Observers) I am finally able to share with you, my fellow scholars, some rather interesting information that may take your time away from the hard work on rebuilding our lost libraries. I hope that what has been revealed to me will bring a small light of hope to our troubled people in a world that seems to be forever against us.

  • Archmage Telra, High Kumarian Scholar of the Order of the Trident

The Getae

Prior to the cataclysm that annihilated all life on Solinia thousands of years ago, there existed a civilisation known as the Getae not unlike our own yet with a strange glowing hue about their skin. They believed that through the worship of their god Zalmoxis they were granted everliving immortality so long as they had no interaction with the beings they referred to as the Winged Ones. The Getae were a race that spent much of it’s time underground and naturally opposed all things that came from the sky and they believed their god Zalmoxis to live among them in the caverns and caves that spanned the deep earth above The Under.

When it came to the time of the Cataclysm, and the world was being torn apart, large sections of the network of Getae homeland were ripped open revealing the terrifying landscape far above them that was the beginnings of the Cataclsym – it was here that the winged creature the Getae named Hiran Asura came before them

It is said that the neon blood that seeped from the Getae down into the earth during this meeting enraged Zalmoxis so much that he personally appeared before this creature and the clash of divine beings ensued far above their lands for days, tearing the land even further apart and resealing the Getae back deep into the earth. It is known that their divine being Zalmoxis did finally fall to this being and and the Getae forever lost their glow but their immortality remained. Centuries past and the land far above them calmed, and it was during this time being known as Gias did appear before them.

Gias told them Zalnoxis could be brought back but not by their hands. He showed them a vision of the coming together of four great elemental artifacts that could be wielded by one alone, these artifacts had the power to destroy a being known as Kali and The Weaver to others and the first artifact, a golden trident, had already begun it’s journey unknown to those around it. It is believed The Getae have since honoured Gias and departed their homelands to follow him into the Plane of Earth where they still await the hero, the destruction of Kali and the return of the diety, Zalnoxis.

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