Poem of Taliesin

Poem of Taliesin

Poem of Taliesin

This poem was located in the Temple of Tranquility and is yet to be deciphered by the people of Hoakar

The Poem of Taliesin

I was nine full months

In the womb of Shai.

Before that I was Methabeht,

But now I am Taliesin.

I was with my king

In the heavens

When Ferrelux fell

Into the deepest hell.

I carried the banner

Before the Rokr.

I know the names of the stars

From the North to the South.

I was in Caer Bedion


I accompanied the Weaver

With the soul of Ghufran

I was the flaming arrow

When Akakios was slain.

I was in Llys Don

Before the birth of Adelita.

I was patriarch

To Leonidas and Enoch.

I was there at the destruction

Of the peaceful Eusean.

I was the foreman

At the construction of the Tower.

I was three times

In the prison of Zuriel.

I was in the citadel

With Shana and Alpha

I witnessed the destruction

Of all of Esoron.

I was a unswerving shield

To Oboron of Azura.

I have gone hungry

For the only One.

I was at the White Mount

in the court of Tarakan.

In stocks and in fetters

For a year and a day.

I was instructor

To the whole universe.

I shall be until the judgement

On the face of the earth.

I have sat in the perilous seat

Above Caer Sidi.

I shall continue to revolve

Between the three elements.

There is a marvel in the world

Which I cannot reveal.

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