The tale passed around regarding the creation of the world among some races of the world. Some say it is so old that no one is even sure if it is true anymore. Part I: Echoes

Halistro considers ‘It seems so easy to get lost in this universe. Step through a portal and who knows where you end up. This one took me to a begining place. A place where the ideas are spinning around you waiting to grasped and held together to form….something. But take the next step and pass the sign that says ‘Where to go from here’ and enter a world that is empty at the moment. Is it always like that? Who knows. And what is meant to happen in that place?’

Aataltal considers ‘Why am I even here? What is this place? Is it anything at all? I see nothing, hear nothing, smell nothing. But I feel that thers are around me, close to me – I know that I am not alone. So is this the purpose of the place? Somewhere for beings like us to exist?’

Aataltal Considers ‘Give us light and we will see. Give us ground and we will shape. Give us stars and we will dream.’

Aataltal considers ‘As I stared at the stars and dreamed of a place to call home, a brightness shone more great than anything I had seen before. With it came wind and rain which covered the earth and filled it’s body with the oceans.”

Halistro says ‘Ah, but I am already a creature of another realm, already made and deeply intrenched in what I am.’ She giggles as she crouches atop a mountain newly formed, head tilted up to the sky, letting the rain drench her face for a moment then stares forward. ‘So it is the desire to have meaning that drives the will to create for the purpose of having meaning. I breath, I bleed, I think.. therefor I am?’

And high into the sky a serpent, great and wonderous, wrapped itself around the world and began to consume itself.

Aataltal approached the peak of the mountain, ‘This place is bound to it’s own eternity now. Our footsteps will be gone in moments but our thoughts here, in this tiny moment, will guide this universe for years to come.’

– Part II: The Weaver

Darkness so sweet, soothing, wrapping itself around me like? Hmm. I don’t know…soft, warm, safe..yes! safe! This means something! Another sensation stirred, drawn from the first like a gentle breeze prodding at me…yearning..hunger..need… And from this came other thoughts and feelings… Quickly they multiplied, swirling and dancing, congealing into what quickly became a storm.

A raging storm that screamed and fought desperately to break free as form took shape, held it, tightening it’s grip.

Fear grew. It pushed and pressed, a weight that was sure to crush and then falling faster and faster, the fear growing ominous and threatening.

Do… something!

An explosion of brilliant blinding light consumed the darkness and with a heart rending cry, drew breath…

The Woven

She screamed in pain as her heart and lungs sought life. The air burned, her blood boiled in her limbs and pounded in her head, her body convulsed. Then slowly The Woven | She calmed. The storm broken, the rain falling gently around her. She stands on trembling legs. Her arms wrapped around her as her body shivers. The Woven | She gazes at the Ouroboros. “And so it begins. What has been thought can not be extinguished..only changed.”

  • -

The intense electrical storms of the night began to settle and a bright star in the distance watched over frozen peaks as daylight broke. The storm had charged the ice and snow with a strange energy and for the first time it began to melt and trickle down to the basins below. As it met with the lake the cold charged water clashed with the tranquil and from them rose tiny wisps that floated softly among the morning air. On the edges of the lakes, where the two waters collided, tiny black spheres appeared, small at first and they moved in all directions, growing as they merged with one another. The wisps floated softly amongst the lakes of the water and from the lakes rose the blackened spheres which consumed them and created new entities of many varieties of colours. This strange dance continued on for hours as the the lakes were soon full of hundreds of shades of wonderous blue creatures. And on the edges of the shores forms of green spread over the terrain forming tall trees and flowers of all shapes and sizzes. Life, it seemed, was growing all over the planet.

  • -

She made her way down the slope to where the land was growing lush and green. She could sense the presence of others but had seen none yet.

The land was thriving and she laughed and danced, drinking in the life around her. She was content to let the world evolve and she soon perfected her form to fit in. Small and lithe, skin milky white, flowing flame red hair and eyes as green and lush as the land. In time she learned to make use of what the world had to offer. She wore a robe woven from soft fiberous plants. Her red hair plaited with flowers. A small knife from the ore in the ground, a staff she carved from the strong wood of a tree. She drank from the water flowing down the hill streams. Her belly was full juicy berries. She was alone, but she was happy.

  • -

The heat of the sun woke Aataltal from his long sleep. He sat up abruptly and looked to the side of the camp to wake Halistro | Halisstra, but she and her provisions were gone. He stood up, stretched and let out a deep yawn. Rubbing his eyes he took a look around at the landscape with amazement. Where had been miles and miles of snow could now be seen bright green fauna and wild trees for miles around the feet of the mountains. He gazed in astonishment and wondered what combination of powers could have created such beauty. He paused for a moment and gathered his thoughts and searched for tracks as to where his old friend had gone.

‘Always running off without me!’ he said to himself jokingly and began to follow tracks down the mountain towards a deep lake in the distance.

As he approached the edges of the forest he could hear the clattering of pots and pans in the, he pushed back the overgrowth and made it to the edge of the lake.

The old druid never really slept. While Aataltal had only begun to stir, she walked down to the lake. Halisstra was curious about whoever was making all that clatter with the pots and pans and so she planted herself at the edge of the lake. Her roots sunk deeply into the soil soaking up the water seeping into the ground. Her branches spread wide, her green leaves taking in the sunshine.

So much can be learned of others if you just watch and listen, carefully paying attention to the details.

  • -

The small wood elf sat, munching a mouthful of dried nuts and berries. The pilfered bag discarded, the pots pans and empty containers scatered about. She perked up as she heard rustling in the brush. Sitting ever so silently, listening..and listening…and listening. Finally she shrugged and swallowed what was in her mouth. She wondered if the half elf would ever reappear. It was all well and good to prance around in a newly created world but she wasn’t going to stay here forever waiting for something to happen.

She lay in the tall grass, arms pillowing her head, her gaze towards the heavens. Slipping a hand out she raised it up and with a flick of her finger a star plummeted downward and in an instant was snuffed out. She giggled. “See how easy it is? How many years had she tried? This world will do no better. Doomed before it barely began. Why? They are unyielding that is why. Their world has become so dreary it has dulled their minds. They are trapped in that world. No visable chains or cage bars hold them. They are held captive by their own minds.” She giggled some more, turning on her side watching the leaves falling from a tree. “I can do the same to you. With just a click of my fingers” She snapped her fingers for emphasis. “Poof! You are gone.”

She rolled with laughter, then rising to her feet she lifted her arms swirling about. The sky grew dark, the air arid, the grass withered.

Her laughing filled the world that was slowly retreating back to dust. Part III: Responsibility

Whispers of a being fluttered past the ears of the weaver. ‘Why do you destroy?’ She turned, to locate the being but was unable to see any source. ‘Shouldn’t every new life be given a chance to grow before meeting the the eventual hand of obliteration?’. The leaves and roots of the nearby trees gathered together and grew into a form representing a man leaning towards her with no mouth or eyes but a certain curious expression.

The mischievious elf frowned at the being a slight hint of guilt on her face. “I was left alone. Well, alone except for the druid there.” She nodded at a tree that was withered but still standing. She frowned again. “And she’s no fun. I was bored.”

Then her eyes sparkled and her lips curled into a smile. “I can fix it. You’ll see.” She turned. Studying the landscape. Corpses of sea creatures had piled up on top of each other in the receeding pools of water. She waved her arms and cyclones swirled around the dead things raising them into pillars of decaying flesh and dust. Flames errupted consuming the pillars and then died. What was left was miles and miles of obsidian pillars, oddly beautiful skeletal sculptures of black glass rising out of the empty basin thousands of feet high their tops disappearing into an atmosphere thick with heavy dark clouds.

Atop the pillars particles of dust soaked in the moist air and fell. Green life spread over the surface, vines reaching out from one pillar to the next. Soon a lush jungle had spread out like a canopy over the arid basin below.

She shrugged giving a mischievious grin. “There. Now what can you do?”

The being looked on at what she had created and it’s form returned into the forests around her. The jungle ahead of the weaver opened up and the trees shifted beckoning her towards a path that had been made deep into her new lands. The older forests around her whispered ‘Your children await you at your temple and they need your help.’

The weaver stepped through the forest as it grew and expanded around her. The time here was running at a different pace to her. The forests grew and rivers swelled and then contracted.People and creatures sped around her as a civilisations rose and fell. As she peared deeper she saw a great zigurrat being constructed, plated in a magnificent gold that reflected the light of the midday sun. Adorned atop was a great statue representing her image. The people moved in a hurry around at the basin where the temple stood and new statues, streets and structures were constructed at a rapid pace. She began the walk up the stairs of the temple and with each step time slowed down until she reached the top.

‘How can we help the Tinai? They were the ones that released this monster in the first place!’

‘Just because he is one of them does not make it the responsibility of the Tinai to save the world! Was it not our god that brought the very

idea of destruction into the world to begin with?’

‘How dare you assume the will of the gods!’

‘If we try to fight this alone we will surely fail. We must ally with the Tinai and aid them in their battle. He has torn the southern lands apart and is gaining speed every day. It will not be long before he arrives here and we follow the same fate as Izarak’

‘No one has held the power of the Tinai, our abilities in combat and with the schools of magic are far inferior. How can we even begin to assist them?’

‘We can give them time. Time to prepare.’

‘Our only hope is to prepare a defense and to find a place to ensure the safety of our people!’

‘No defense would save you against his anger - he rips the very ground from beneath civilisations and sends it to oblivion in moments!’

‘He is right we cannot hope to run and escape his will. Our only choice is to stand and fight, at least we would die in honour’

‘I refuse to listen to your madness! My family will never walk into battle to be surely ripped apart, that is suicide! We will make for the caves, I hope for your sake our Lady will return your senses before it is too late for all of us.’ The noble storms out of the temple beckoning his guards to prepare his people.

‘Those that wish to stand and fight remain. Those that cannot stomach destiny should leave for The Under at once. ‘

The remaining nobles looked amongst each other but neither budged.

‘Then it is settled. We will send word to the Tinai that they will have our aid. We will defend our world together and see this blight removed from existence. His power is incomparable to the will of our Lady. She will see us through this day.’

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