Death of Samuel

Death of Samuel

Death of Samuel

Death of Samuel

After being framed numerous times, betrayed by those he trusted, those that he showed mercy to, and abandoned by those once loyal to him, Samuel died a lonely death, being deprived from those he loved and depended on him. Nothing else seems to be left of Samuel Fletcher except his tarnished honor and abridged reputation

Or so he thought… as the life gently faded from Samuel, the Gods convened around his corpse mourning the loss of yet another hero. As his soul faded into the maw they beckoned him to make a single wish to change solinia forever.

Johnathon stares into the eyes of his once friend. “I’m sorry…” He says as he drives his sword through Samuels heart. He sighs as he closes Samuels dead glazed eyes and looks around at those with him, thinking on all that lead to this point; Lies, deceit, plots, betrayal. “Elise will pay for turning you against us again old friend.” He says to himself. No longer is the royal court in danger. Samuel will not go through with destroying the royal court and waging war so that all of Solinia will be under his flag. “His greatest crime was siding with the enemy we once had together… The one he wanted to kill. You will be buried surrounded by those you betrayed who still love you. You are not the man i once called friend… I’m sorry things led to this point.” Johnathon gets up and picks the body of Samuel up with tears in his eyes as he nods to those around him that it is finished

Argo the Angel of Vengence points his scythe towards Jonathon - That body is sacred; I command you to release it to the Gods or suffer the wrath of the fallen pantheon

Elise sits in the rafters with shadows embrace holding her close as she watches her lord be slaughtered for false information

Johnathon looks down at the body of his once friend and sheds a tear. If the Gods demand it then so be it. He lifted the body over his head and beckoned towards the Gods.. ‘Take it… I’m sorry it came to this Samuel… maybe they have more righteous plans for you…’

The seraphim lowers his scythe and stands as a silent guardian in front of the body which begins to breathe again. The cloaked figure of Zurvan approaches from the darkness ‘we have taken great risks leaving our temporary sanctuary Samuel. We await your final wish before we may deliver you to the maw’

With a faded sigh and last breath, ‘…Truth…’

The angel unsheaths his blade and places it over the body of Samuel ‘Rest now; champion’ The body disintegrates into ash as a golden glow in the shape of a man is absorbed into the blade. The angel picks up the sword and resheaths it.

Zurvan speaks ‘It is done then. I trust you will see the blade is delivered’. The angel nods as Zurvan returns to the shadows. May Echo, daughter of Samuel Fletcher and Natalie Blades know the truth

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