Another Time

Another Time

Another Time

High Preistess Lena looked down upon her winged brothers and sisters of the faith from atop the shimmering citadel of Esoron. For centuries they had followed the teachings and ways of the God of Growth, Methabeht, and aided the world form into the wonder of nature and life that it had today. Now their entire existence was held in the hands of a rogue brother who had turned against their lord for the teachings of another. Tonight in every one of their cities of peace and growth, they would barricade their gates and prepare for their true enemy, destruction. Everything opposite to their way of life. The Tinai were powerful, indeed more powerful than any other race on the planet. But they were not for war. They had defended the elder humans in their early days but never anything like this.

‘I fear we will not escape this one Shana’

‘We must keep our faith Lena, less we follow the same path as him. Did he not promise us a place at the end of time?’

‘I fear that his will has been tampered by that of another. Something has changed and our destiny with it.’

‘Then what should we do?’

‘That is what concerns me most sister. We must leave this planet and fast.’

‘We cannot abandon Solinia. It is our duty to aid her and see that the great growth continues.’

‘We will be of no use to anyone if we are all dead. We shall return in time my friend, when the world needs us the most.’

‘But Lena.’, emotion could almost be seen in Shana’s eyes.

‘When the time comes, you must take the citadel with you and leave. We shall hold him off till you are all in safety.’

‘And you?’

‘I will leave that to destiny. Growth guide you, my sister’

Within moments of those words a great flash exploded over the horizon and the priestess shielded her eyes as the land began to tear itself apart.

‘Go, go now!’

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