Biology and appearance

The Wispen are humanoids that seem to be made of organic plant matter. Their skin can appear leafy green or rough like bark, their hair consists of plant fibres such as grasses, leaves or roots and they may be cloaked in vines, flowers or twigs. Depending on the season they change colour. They are extremely variable; no two are alike with unique patterns of vines, branches and leaves sprouting from them.

The Wispen have the ability to become poisonous, producing deadly toxins in inviting looking berries similar to Deadly Nightshade.

Wispen grow and reproduce very slowly, they seemingly produce more Wispen by laying down runners and off-shoots from their bodies. These small saplings gradually grow into a humanoid form, accumulating other plants in the process and becoming more sapient. Personality

The Wispen are generally a very quiet and gentle people, they are most often seen wandering through the wilderness that they call their home interacting with plants and animals alike.

Wispen are very wise, they live very long lives so tend to take life at a slower pace, their actions are considered and calculated. They may seem rather alien to other races, their motivations and ideals hidden as they take into account long time periods and the effects their actions may have.

They have little consideration for the faster-lived races, often treating them as children or with some amusement unless they directly threaten their woodland homes. Wispen who have lost their homes to other races often persue them with a vengence, making a pest of themselves by destroying planted crops, growing vines over houses and breaking apart brickwork. In a much more sinister action, some will also use their toxic berries to sicken and poison those who they see as damaging their woodlands. Culture

The Wispen are usually solitary wanderers through woodlands, though they are never alone as they can understand the unspoken language of animals and plants. Very much a part of their environment, they have little need for technology. They are friendly with other Wispen, understanding eachother on a level that other races can only dream of. It is as if they are the voices of the woodland; personifications of the environment. As such, they take great pride in protecting the land that they live in, the only time they are seen in large groups is when they have chosen to fight back against the destruction of their woodlands.

They are friendly with other races they see as working with the environment, as such are part of the Sylvan Sentinels along with the Elementals, Taxicost and Capripeds. They have a natural affinity for the light races, and are on friendly terms with the Dawn Council, but are often opposed to the industrial Humans. They have very little dealings with the Morannon who tend to stick to the mountains, but dislike their creations; the Automata, as they see them as being unnatural. History Origins

The Wispen, despite their natural appearence and affinity for their woodlands have a very unnatural origin; they are the result of experiments into improving crops. Contemporary history

The number of Wispens is gradually declining due to the steady encroachment of industrialised races into their native woodlands. They have long been opposed to the Humans settlements who cut down ancient woodland for crops and livestock. Naming theme

Wispen names are mostly themed after plant and tree names or related words. Examples

Briarberry Thornheart

Nightshade Brackenden

Thistlefoot Reedwood

Rowancopse Riverroot

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