Common NameValderain, Human
Starting Stats
Base AlignmentNEUTRAL
Height5' to 6'
HaircolorBrowns, Blues, Blonds
Lifespan50 to 80 years
God worshippedSur'El


The Valderain are a human like race from the Mythological Age that worship the Oceans. They built large paradises cities on islands throughout the seas of Qylia. They were naturally seafaring, heavily orientated on trade and had many sub settlements and trade towns across the continents.

It is not uncommon for small Valderain villages to have sprung up completely out at sea from the remnents of wrecks of boats and small outcroppings of rocks

Valderain had an extremely close alliance with the Aerindal which had resulted in many of the major races of the future existing.

The Valderain capital city was vast, the largest Harbour of any of the races of its time, massive defensive walls surrounded their city far out into the sea, due to their lack of natural resources their entire city relied on the constant arrival of new goods coming and going through their many boats out at sea

The Valderain due to their expansionism, ingenuity and growing population were very rich, had many settlemens in every area of the land and were fast to adapt to changing circumstances, it is due to this the Aerindal and Keladun appreciated the Valderains aid in wars against the Ogres and Gobel

The Valderain Capital being at sea was naturally safe from outsiders, the Valderain Fleet was unrivalled and there was no piracy in their waters but there were however certain underground groups within the population that operated a black market and fencing network across the Valderain Empire that the Royalty had struggled to squash out

Historic Forefathers of Modern Races

The close relationships between the Valderain and Aerindal resulted in a variety of off spring that still exist to this day including: Orcs, Proto Humans, Eusebians, Vishim, Noldians, Meroei, High Humans and Xunshi

Valderain Peoples

They were seafaring and heavily orientated on trade

Historic Ruler

King Valeron Deepwater and the Deepwater Family

Major City Places

The Deepwater Citadel

The citadel housed the royal palace and the Deepwater Paladins guild

The Temple of Sur’El

Home to the The Priests of Sur’El, a place of worship for the Ocean Goddess

The Trident (Tavern)

The Trident was a place of activity in the Market Place but far below the tavern lay the Thieves Guild which actively ran a fencing and smuggling operation throughout the Sewers of the city

The Market Place and Harbor

Traders from far and wide hauled vast amounts of goods in an out of the city for sale, the taxes kept the city in a place of power for many years


Knights Guild: The Deepwater Paladins

HQ: The Deepwater Citadel

Hunters Guild: The Abyssal Corsairs

HQ: The Trident (Tavern)

Arcanist Guild: The Tidal Mages

HQ: The Ministry of Arcanum

Priests Guild: Priests of Sur’El

HQ: The Temple of Sur’El

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