Common NameTaxicost/Werewolf
Starting Stats
Base AlignmentNEUTRAL
LanguageTaxicost, Undertongue
Height5-6 ft or 1.5-1.8 m
SkincolorWithout pelt, bald and pink, but when wearing a pelt takes on the form and colouration of that animal
HaircolorCan have a longer patch of fur on their heads, matches coat colour
Lifespan50-80 years
DistinctionsHumanoid beasts which walk on their hind legs
God worshippedAshtor


These mysterious Werewolves of the Under are believed to have been created by the Goddess Ashtor but are seen by most races as beast like and unnatural. Highly skilled at combat and deadly in areas of extreme darkness History

Their true origins are shrouded in mystery, but they hold the belief they were created to serve the god Ashtor as loyal aids whilst hunting. As such, they often hold ceremonies where they burn animal sacrifices after removing their pelts, as well as burning themselves on a funeral pyre after their death to honour Ashtor. Leadership

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The Taxicost are a bestial race which most often rely on instincts. They are not easily accessible to outsiders, but races amongst the Natural Alliance have an easier time understanding their motives. Respectful and peaceful to other clan members, but ferocious to outsiders; be they from another clan or a different race.

Other races often see them as little more than beasts, but they are much more complex than they first appear. They have individual traits and personalities, much the same as any other being, but initially appear aloof or stony towards new people.

They often have a distinct personality shift when they wear different pelts. Without their pelts, they’re more shy, easily frightened and would rather run and not be seen. With a pelt on, they take on some of the personality of the animal and become a lot bolder and threatening.

The Taxicost have very little use for technology past fire, spears and rudimentary shelter. They are extremely in touch with nature and are acutely aware that they are part of it, seeing races that build and ignore the call of the wild as denying their ancestry and forgetting their place; thinking they are above it. They have the innate ability to sense the unnatural; they can detect the undead, as well as the artificially created Automata.

They live in primitive tribal societies with a distinct hierarchy and can be found throughout the continent of Alatyr, often resembling the animals which inhabit their surrounding environment. Factions

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The Taxicosts are a race of powerful barbaric creatures. With a doglike face, piercing yellow eyes and fangs. However the power of a Taxicost comes from their shapeshifting capabilities, when the Taxicost wears their pelt they assume the ferocity, strength and appearance of the animal. However, without their pelts, a Taxicost resembles a lanky, hairless dog, hunched over it’s own pale and emaciated figure.

There are a number of different forms associated with Taxicosts, the most common are large carnivores of species of animal most common where the Taxicost live; wolves, bears, boars, hyena and lynx. Pelts

Their culture centres heavily around the pelts they use to shapeshift, having a very animistic world view; they attribute a spiritual essence to natural entities such as plants, landscapes, animals and most of all their pelts. They believe that the pelts carry the essence of the animal and by wearing the pelts they take on the “soul” of the animal, fuelling their shape-shifting. As such, their pelts are treated with as much respect or greater than if it were part than their own body; their strength and survival relies on the pelt.

Aquiring their pelts involves much ceremony with young Taxicost having to hunt down and outwit the animal their first pelt comes from using only their innate skills. Often they do not survive this coming of age ceremony, but those who manage to aquire a pelt this way are deemed worthy of wearing it. They will look after this First Pelt their entire lives and it will be burnt with them when they die. They can aquire other pelts throughout their lives, and thus other forms, but the first one is their most important and most often their “chosen form”, known as their First Pelt.

They look after the pelts, learning the skills needed to mend and repair damage to them such as preservation and tanning techniques. It is not unknown for Taxicost to stitch the parts of different animal pelts together; combining the powers of different animals such as the ferocity of the wolf with the strength of the bear, or the stealth of the lynx. These mix-and-match pelts are controversial within Taxicost society, some tribes look down upon their use whilst others see them as acceptable, as long as the animals were killed with respect.

Taxicost that do not aquire their pelts by fairly defeating the animal are seen as rogues and outsiders; throughout history, rogue Taxicost have killed other Taxicost for possession of their pelts. These rogues are seen as dishonourable monsters; often accumulating a great many pelts and power, but show very little respect for the pelts they have aquired. Naming theme

Taxicost names are usually descriptive and aquired throughout life. Their first names are given at birth, with their second names either describing their tribe or attributes of their First Pelt. Examples

Shelwet Coalmane

Firen Tuskwar

Lenna Ironclaw

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