Common NameTailless, Half Dragon
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These Half-Dragon warriors of Valum Vaton are the result of years of slavery for which they have utter conviction to see never occur again. Due to this their Paladin orders travel the world ensuring the abolishon of slavery


The tailless are descendents of dragons, and as such have many draconic features. Originally dragons captured by humans, their tails were removed to hinder their escape; the tail of a dragon is used to aid flight and for balance when on the ground. Without their tails they became dependent on their human masters, eventually taking an upright posture to compensate for their shifted centre of gravity. Years of selective breeding has resulted in semi-domestication of this species with the now somewhat vestigial tails being removed at birth.

Escape from slavery A group of Tailless broke away from their human masters, founding a colony of Tailless free from slavery. They have distrust and hatred for their once-masters as well as those Tailless that still serve humans. These free tailless joined the Dark Alliance with the Mysmaal who promised to aid their campaign against the humans.


The tailless are a loyal race with fiery temper when angered. They are highly intelligent, but often act with servility to people they respect; a trait left over from their days as slaves to the humans. Their respect for one another prevents too many fights breaking out, but if pushed too much, fights can be violent and deadly.

The culture of the tailless is mostly borrowed from their human masters, but perhaps with a great deal more respect granted to each other. They do not mate for life, often having brief relationships with others to produce offspring or for support. They are social creatures, having left the solitary lifestyle of their dragon ancestors behind them, they work together well but if arguments break out the results can be fierce.

Biology and Appearance

Tailless have a long draconic face and are covered in brightly coloured, glossy scales. Their body shape is mostly humanoid, with no tail and digitigrade legs. They often have curved horns on their heads and bony spikes and spines jutting from their bodies. Two large wings protrude from their backs, but few tailless have mastered the power of flight since the loss of their tails. This doesn’t mean the wings are useless, they are often marked with stunning patterns and bright colours which are only visible when outstretched; they act as threat display structures as well as showing the fitness of an individual. Tailless with the most impressive wings are most attractive to others of their species.

They walk on their clawed hind feet, which leaves their front limbs free for using tools. Perhaps the human influence on this species was a blessing in disguise, as the freed-up front limbs have allowed the Tailless to move beyond their dragon ancestors plundering existence and enabled them to create things for their own in the form of armour, clothes, houses and weaponry.

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