Proto Human

Proto Human

Proto Human

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Remnants of the lost Proto Human race can be found all over Solinia and are sometimes mistaken with the modern Meroei but they bare little relation Myths have assigned them as creators of the races, extremely technological and powerful beyond imagine but it is hard to say what is fact and what is fiction Sadly little is really known about them, despite all of their ancient and lost monuments scattered around the world this race seems so foreign to current races it is difficult for anyone to comprehend how this culture operated The most extensive study that was done into the race was in the area of Xenophon after the discovery of one of the translocation pyramids Some Bards speak of Proto Humans still existing today, in the long lost jungles of the north but none have returned with evidence

Civilization and Culture


The Proto Humans are believed to be made up of a mixture of pre-cataclysm races that returned to the surface of Solinia following the Hiran Asura devestation. Their empire rapidly expanded and was highly technological. They experienced over two centuries of global dominion, probably the only civilisation to have achieved this. It is unknown for the reason of their eventual collapse but some believe it was either related to slave uprisings or a cripled economic and political system over such a vast distance

Common Myths and Legends

The Ashri Saga It is said the Proto Humans are responsible for the creation of The Ashri Blade which was discovered by Ashri in a proto human fortress long before the fall of the Proto Human civilisation in 37764 ME

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