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The Oshira are an ancient snake like race that have mastered the dark arts and control their empire through vast armies of slaves.

Civilization and Culture


Led by the Demi God Sl’Vastra the Ravager, the Oshira rose to power following their discovery of the art of teleportation allowing them to cross nearly all continents of the world and even into the planes of the Gods themselves. Empress Sl’Vastra led this march and was responsible for the death of the Goddess Zephyr in the Lost Age claiming her plane as her own and elevating herself to Goddess of Rage. The Oshira have existed on Taon for as long as even the Mysmaal can remember. Using the Gialon as slaves they brought a painful life upon all they came across in the East of Taon. Prefering the hot climates of the jungles they have built vast temples dedicated to dark magic and their goddess Sl’Vastra. It is believed that the mythological Oshumare may be the original homeland of the Oshira but its location has never been discovered In the year 1004 MA the Oshira enslaved an explorer ship of the Chunel which had arrived on the east of the continent. The majority of the explorers were captures, fortured and where deemed fit to be kept alive, turned into slaves. The Chunel were bred for 100 years and kept in subjugation along with the Gialon to the west. The Oshira would eventually see their fall in 1101 MA when a Chunel slave named Eshu was sent to deliver instructions into the Gialon mines. Here Eshu discovered the lost crypt of the Mysmaal king and subsequently released him from his ancient slumber. The King granted her the blade she had removed from his heart and commanded her to use it against the Oshira and lead the Gialon against their slave masters. In Year 1121 MA the Gialon and Chunel rebel army launched its first war on the Oshira which forced the Oshira to retreat deep into the temples far below the Gialon mines. The Majority of the the Oshira fight the Gialon to this day from The Fortress of Rage deep below the volcano in the The Flaming Abyss waiting for their Goddess to bestow them the power to overthrow their ancient slaves and reconquer Taon Other Oshira have been known to inhabit Shisik Temple in their ancient homeland of The Uhrwek where they continue to influence the daily lives of most Chunel

Historical Figures

Empress Sl’Vastra the Ravager, Demi God of Rage

Interspecies Relations and Assumptions

Lizardmen are often found worshipping Oshira

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