Common NameMysmaal, Vampire
Starting StatsSTR 70 STA 70 AGI 90 DEX 75 INT 109 WIS 83 CHA 65
Base AlignmentEVIL
Height5-6 ft or 1.5-1.8 m
SkincolorGrey, Light Blue, Pale
HaircolorMainly white, grey, black
DietCarnivore, Blood Required
DistinctionsVampiric and cannibalistic
God worshippedSomnus/td>

Playable Race

This is currently a playable race

Basic information

Atop the Crimson Throne of Val’Elsir sits the everliving Vampire houses of Taon. Worshippers of Somnus and Deuaulus the great houses of this mysterious race have been in a civil war almost since their creation.


The Mysmaal hold their origins the history of Taon, they are unliving beings that have not yet passed into The Maw. It is rumoured it is due to their involvement with the deity Somnus that they became cursed. They perpetuate their race by turning others and interbreeding with other highbourne pure mysmaal. Through these acts they have a sustained population in the shadows throughout history.

In the Lost Age, the Mysmaal became the dominant force over all western races in Taon with the exception of the Oshira who controlled most of the East. The Oshira up to this point had failed all attempts to overtake the Sanguine Kingdom of Val’Elsir and enslave them and were more often used as a food source to the Mysmaalian Vampires than any threat

The early Mysmaal were extremely dangerous, mysterious and extremely knowledgable in all forms of combat and magic and it is believed even Hiran Asura avoided them during the days of the Cataclysm. Mysmaal seemed to prefer nighttime and a rumour has sometimes stated they are unable to walk in the sun. This is incorrect however.

The Mysmaal began as a patriarchal society but soon progressed in matriarchal following the death of King Tullan Vex. This civil war has resulted in varying Houses which maintain either a male or female ruler as a sign of respect for their ancestors and a way of showing their support on either side of that eternal fued.

The name Mysmaal is believed to have it’s origins based on a tower named Mysma on the continent of Alcor which may or may not have originally been constructed by the Mysmaal themselves. It is common for house capital cities of the vampires to be named after this tower which some believe was appropriated.

Sometime, many thousands of years ago, there was a civil war and some fled to the Eastern Continents to escape the war and build an empire of their own. The Mysmaal that remained were devastated – centuries of war thinned their numbers and most of the original houses were destroyed in feral combat all over the Western Hemisphere.

The Creation of the Corrupt Vishim (Darkelves)

It is not clear exactly how or when but it is certain the Mysmaal captured and tortured several Vishim during a midnight raid on the city of Alaris. What followed was almost a decade of deformation and twisting of the Vishim prisoners in the persuit of creating an obedient mysmaalian slave – several of the Vishim died in the process but two were strong enough to survive and were bred, over many generations as servants, guardians and for even darker duties.

However, due to the kidnappings a Meroei by the name of Elarok Lightbringer (a daughter of one of the victims) finally uncovered the Mysmaal nest and slayed it’s overfiend, Count Sythik D’Mirax who was promptly beheaded and quartered. Following the death of Sythik, the Corrupt Vishim abominations finally became free and self aware and they butchered all remaining Mysmaal and even their rescuers.

The Mysmaal nest became a bastion of darkness and power for the newly born race who, despite their Vishim and Mysmaalian origins felt they have become elevated far above both. They fear nothing and are brutally dangerous in combat and exceptionally skilled with dark and light magic and solely worship the diety of hate and betrayal, Deuzulus.


Mysmaal are usually condescending, proud, haughty and arrogant. They are also a very honourable people, often choosing to die rather than break their word… But to get their word in the first place can be a stretch, and the definition of a “promise” by the Mysmaal may be a little loose. The Mysmaal prefer to be left alone, they are tricky and think themselves above other races in the Dominion, seeing them as tools to use in their games rather than allies. Of course, they wouldn’t let them know that. They play by the rules, yes, but their rules… and will go by the letter of the law rather than the spirit of it. Laws are there for them to play with and further themselves.

Mysmaal are not unlike dark elves in the fact that they have many great houses consisting of lords, barons and counts. It is common for Mysmaal to intermarry between houses to produce pure offspring.

The Gift/Curse

Due to the nature of the Gift that was granted to the Mysmaal by Somnus, they are weak to Holy damage. This includes most spells that generally would work on undead, though the Mysmaal are not quite the same category and regain their intelligence and autonomy.

Biology and Appearance

The Mysmaal are unliving beings; it is rumoured they are related to other races but now share the fate of immortal undeath. Their vampiric or cannibalistic tendencies cause the creation of more undead; beings that are killed by feeding will eventually rise from the grave to become another Mysmaal. As such, the appearence of the Mysmaal varies depending on their original race, as well as the amount of decomposition that has taken place before reanimation.

Gods worshipped





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