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The Morannon were one of the earliest races to emerge on Solinia. Alongside Gobel, Vishim and Tinai, the Morannon came and laid claim to the mountains and caverns, often Morannon and Gobel conflicted in the early ages as Morannon desired little more than their gems and as such fell prey to predatory races such as Gobel. Though these wars have died down now, bitterness still brews between the two races.

Basic Information

Anatomy & Morphology

On average, Morannon are about 4’ tall. Many appear a bit fat to Humans, however this is most often not the case, since they are simply built much stockier than Humans would expect. Females are usually shorter than males, and both genders wear jewelry. Male Morannon take great pride in their magnificent beards, while even some females can grow them, which is considered a special blessing among morannon.

Additional Information

Facial characteristics

Browns and black, aging to grey hair

Civilization and Culture

Major Organizations

Iron Ring Collective

Major Language Groups and Dialects


Common Etiquette Rules

Lawful Neutral

Culture and Cultural Heritage

The Morannon are known for their stubbornness and dislike for outsiders. They are easily drawn into battle but be wary, they are not to be underestimated, even due to their somewhat short size. Often seen as incredibly greedy they are prone to hoarding of precious gems and other things of the sort. The Morannon hierarchy is an incredibly simple caste system. At the top is a single king. Following him are the nobles, then warriors, then common men, then peasants, and finally slaves. Even though this caste system is seemingly rigid it is, in fact, very flexible allowing for each individual to move up and out of his or her caste besides slaves. Men of Morannon society are incredibly proud but at the same time still humble. They are incredibly greedy though and are bound for overabundance in life whether it be in alcohol or women. Morannon women are not so different from the men in that they often have the same problems with drinking but women often have less trouble giving up their self destructive habits. Other than that women are relatively equal in the society save for the fact that they are forbidden from entering war unless there is a severe need for troops.

Common Customs, Traditions and Rituals

Worshippers of Tisroeh

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