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Not much is know about the Jin other than they are the brothers and sisters of the Gods but not Gods themselves. They come from another planet and are opposed to worship in any form.. their magic is called Meta Magic and is derived from the life force of the universe which allows them to manifest almost anything.

Basic Information

Anatomy & Morphology

Jin are a race of blue skinned people. Similar in appearance to humans, Jin are often very beautiful or handsome. They come in all shapes and sizes but are often very fit and well dressed they may assume any form but often appear as blue skinned humans.

Civilization and Culture

Culture and Cultural Heritage

Jin have all types of personalities and are governed by the same emotions as most of the other races


Not much is known about the Jin before now other than they exist in a parallel dimension that allows them to shift back and forth into this reality and their reality and manifest almost anything using their magic, the Meta Magic, a god-like power. Mostly unknown to this day except for the destruction of the Jin Race in the Spellstorm, which did not kill the Ni-Jin, those Jin who gave up their Meta Magic to escape the Spellstorm

Common Myths and Legends

There are not many major events known to the Jin other than the destruction of most of their race after they warred with the Taketevolken for an unknown amount of time. The magic used in the war created a storm known as the Spellstorm, which rages across the universe to this day and destroyed many of the Jin and the Taketevolken entirely. The only Jin remaining are the Ni-Jin, who, in the desertion of their magic (known as Meta Magic), were able to escape the Spellstorm and keep themselves alive because they sacrificed their Meta Magic.

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