Dark Elves

Dark Elves

Dark Elves

Dark Elf
NameDark Elf
Common NameDark Elf/Corrupted Vishim
Starting StatsSTR 70 STA 70 AGI 90 DEX 75 INT 109 WIS 83 CHA 65
Base AlignmentEVIL
LanguageDark Elf
SkincolorPurple, Pale Blue
HaircolorWhite, Black, Blue
DietSubterranean Omnivore
DistinctionsPurple/pale blue elf-like
God worshippedDeuzulus, Rarahat

A twisted visage of an elf created by the Mysmaal by using vampiric blood to corrupt and torture Vishim over a decade long period to be used as obedient slaves. The result was an utter failure and the entire Mysmaal nest was slaughtered by the Dark Elven slaves. The Dark Elves see themselves as elevated beings far superior to their Mysmaal and Vishim counterparts. They fear nothing and are brutally dangerous in combat and exceptionally skilled with dark magic. They solely worship the diety of hate and betrayal, Deuzulus

Playable Race

This is currently a playable race

Basic Information

Dietary Needs and Habits

Varied, not too unsimilar to humans but they have a more flexible palette for the things that live underground

Additional Information

Social Structure

The Dark Elf society runs on a theocracy government, meaning that religion runs the government. Usually this person is the arch priest or priestess of Deuzulus, more commonly a priestess as Dark Elf women commonly are pushed towards the divine fields of magic. Who this person is typically is whoever is the strongest of the priest or priestess. This is because of the typical route of Dark Elf culture, which is the strong survive and lead. In any aspect of hierarchy in Dark Elf culture, the lesser usually attempt to take out the higher in hopes of achieving higher rankings in their society, this goes for any role, whether it be a baker and his apprentice or in this case a High Priest or Priestess and a Arch Priest or Priestess. Due to this, leaders in Dark Elf history don’t always last as long as other leaders in different societies, some not even long enough to have a proper stating in history.

Facial characteristics

Hair typically white to black, sometimes midnight blue

Civilization and Culture

Major Language Groups and Dialects

Mysmaal, Vishim (known but refuse to speak), Dark Elf

Common Customs, Traditions and Rituals

Worshippers of Deuzulus


Dark Elves, sometimes referred to as corrupted Vishim, are the product of torture and experimentation of the Vishim, all for a product of an obedient slave. The whole process was a complete failure as the newly create “slaves” slaughtered their masters, and their saviors who tried to rescue them.

The Mysmaal nest became a home to the newly founded race, with an ever growning dark power. They are truly dangerous in combat and do well to be feared in dark and light magic, with all their worship going to the god of hatred, Deuzulus.

Dark Elves often view themselves as a superior race to all others due to the Mysmaal’s selective choice of increasing the raw strength and the intelligence of the race, which leads the Dark Elves to compare themselves to the brightest of thinkers and the bulkiest fighters.


Male: https://www.fallofanempire.com/img/skins/Male_Darkelf.png

Female: https://www.fallofanempire.com/img/skins/Female_Darkelf.png

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