These amazonian queens of The Virumaa jungles are master hunters and most often worship Sethris. Unstoppable in numbers the Chunel live side by side with nature and the animals that inhabit therein

Chunel possess tails and ears and are human like in appearance. They are extremely tough, exceptional fighters between the ages of 20-35. They are known to live to around the age of 50 due to the harsh conditions of their lifestyle however some shamans and elders could live into their 60s

Historical Heroes

The most famous hero of the Chuenl is the once-slave girl Eshu who insited a rebellion against the Oshira slavemasters freeing the Gialon and Chunel in the process

Eshu is known to have carried a shard of the Blade of Ashri during this campaign which is carried by the chief of the leading tribe to this day. The Blade was recovered from the heart of the entombed Mysmaal King which gave her the strength to lead the rebellion

They operate in tribes much as they did on their homelands and worship Sethris the Stalker, God of Balance but are also known to worship various animal spirits of the spirit realm and other war like Gods

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