Common NameCaerthian, Sun Elf
Starting Stats
AllianceMany, temporary
Base AlignmentNEUTRAL
Height5' to 6'
DistinctionsDesert dwelling elves
God worshippedSol'Azul

Sun Elves from the lands of Qylia. Highly militaristic and fervent worshippers of Sol’Azul


The Caerthians were descendents of the the pure elves (Dal). They were a neutral race of the Age of Defiance/Mythological Age that innevitably became the Mysmaal. They worship the Sun, which they refer to as Sol’Azul.

Their kingdom stretched across the southern deserts where they were sharing a northern border with their sister race the Aerindal and the Ophidia (their enemies) to the jungles of east. They had a truce with the Aerindal and rarely engaged in relations with them, you might say it pleased them when the Aerindal suffer some unfortunate fate.

The Caerthians had some relations with the Keladun and Valderain but it was mainly a trade relationship and always had come to the Caerthians with their offer.

They were exquisite builders, unrivaled fighters and only really suffering against the ophidia due to the sheer amount of numbers they had.

During the Age of Defiance the Caerthians manipulated the many factions of Qylia to initate a war known as the War of the Four Kingdoms which saw the rise of the Caerthian Empire and the final destruction of the Aerindal

Time Crisis

Following the events of the Time Crisis, the Caerthians were brought to the land of Amaria, where they engaged in a brutal campaign subjugating many races and destroying any that stood in their way

It was during this event thait their leader Emperor Val’Elsir deied

Major Events

The War of the Four Kingdoms

The Caerthian Invasion of Amaria


Emperor Elaril Val’Elsir


Knights Guild: Blades of Sol’Azul

HQ Name: Temple of Sol’Azul

Hunters Guild: The Ember Daggers

HQ Name: The Blazing Eye (Tavern)

Arcanists Guild: Keepers of the Flame

HQ Name: Tol’Rael, The Tower of Secrets

Priests Guild: Priests of Sol’Azul

HQ Name: Temple of Sol’Azul

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