It is said that among the Sky Elves of Qylia was born a young elf named Zephyr who would achieve godhood at the cost of her people. The Aerindal have since become a mythical race of legend The Aerindal are one of the original 4 bipedal human-like races that are descended directly from the Dal (Similar to their Caerthian cousins). They are contempary with the Valderain, Keladun and Caerthians and existed in many ages past. Due to the investigation of the Dark Elves into the origins of the Mysmaal, some races of the future returned to the past and attempted to alter the direction of the original races which has had some unintended consequences on the timeline (eventually leading to the events of the Time Crisis)

Additional Information

Facial characteristics

Whites and light blues

Civilization and Culture

Major Organizations

Guilds: Shields of Aer’Aral - HQ Name: Skyshrine Hunters Guild: Hands of the Windwalker - HQ Name: The Tempest (Tavern) Arcanists Guild: Keepers of Fel’Alor - HQ Name: The Athenaeum Priests Guild: Followers of Aer’Aral - HQ Name: Skyshrine

Major Language Groups and Dialects


Common Customs, Traditions and Rituals

Worship Aer’Aral and Zephyr


The Aerindal are Sky Elves that are cousins to the Caerthians. Though not enemies there is much distrust and rivalry between the Caerthians and Aerindal and they rarely intermix The Aerindal will eventually die out and no more races will be descended from them but their close relationship with the Valderain results in some offspring that carry the eventual genes to create the Vishim race The Aerindal Kingdom sits on the north of the desert border in the forests and plains where the Aerindal build tall majestic structures in honour of the Gods of the Sky (Primarily: Aer’Aral) There is a strong bonded alliance between the Aerindal and Valderain who inhabit the islands in the nearby seas. There is also a strong trade pact with the Dwarves, with the Aerindal acting as intermediaries for trade with the Valderain. The Aerindal are exceptional builders, rivaling the extravagance of the Caerthians with glorious gleaming structures spread all over the various areas of the Aerindal Kingdom The main threat for the Aerindal are the Ogres who invade from the northern border but the Aerindal being skilled elven fighters rarely suffer casualities unless the Ogres manage to collectively attack as a large war band The Aerindal capital is a vast open circular city surrounded by an beautifully crafted and engraved wall its palace lies in the center and sours high into the sky as a symbol of their devotion to the Sky During the last days of the Aerindal, a young elf named Zephyr journeyed to the Anchor to meet with the Dal named Solinia. In the original timeline her elevation to Zephyr the Brazen and ruler over the Plane of Sky took place however this path was reversed due to the intervention of Natalie. The path of the Aerindal was doomed on the original timeline, however due to the events of the Time Crisis the Aerindal have made their way to Amaria and avoided their destruction at the hands of the Caerthians, a change in fate which the Caerthians are actively seeking to reverse

Historical Figures

Active King is: King Aldaer Vaelan Kings family tree is:

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