Recomended level: Ranger, 50

You say ‘Hail’ Kessel the Wolf

Kessel the Wolf says So many people strip the forests and ravage the lands to forge their tools and weapons. More and more are forgetting the ancient arts of nature and how to use them.

You say what ancient arts of nature?

Kessel the Wolf says Through natural means, you can attain a true woodsman’s weapon; unmatched by anything a mortal craftsman could forge through such destructive measures.

You say how can I attain this

Kessel the Wolf says I would not offer this service to just anyone, but I can sense the blessings of the forests upon you. However, I will require a few special items in order to do so.

You say what items?

Kessel the Wolf says I will need the branching arm of the Woodwalker just west of here, the tears of the Siren Queen, the boiling blood of the fiery magistrate, and the hairs of a powerful goblin lord. Bring these things to me, and I will craft a bow that truly reflects nature’s glory!

You loot the ‘Arm of the Woodwalker’ from The Woodwalker

You give Kessel the Arm of the woodwalker

Kessel the Wolf says ‘Good, now return to me with the tears of the Siren Queen’

You give Kessel the Tears of Isla Anata

Kessel the Wolf says ‘Good, now return to me with the boiling blood of the fiery magistrate’

You give Kessel the Blood of Kten

Kessel the Wolf says ‘Good, now return to me with the hairs of the powerful goblin lord’

You give Kessel the Hairs of Uuago Kiz

Kessel the Wolf says Yes, this is perfect. We now call upon the spirits of this sacred ring to bind these items into a weapon that may be used to defend our sacred groves and untainted forests from those that would mindlessly strip them barren. May Windstriker ever aid you in the defense of our natural realm from those that would see it destroyed!

You receive XP

You receive Windstriker

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