The Tranquil Road

The Tranquil Road

This quest is from a previous map and is no longer accessible

Soandso says ‘hello’

Librarian Gharn says ‘Can’ye see I’m busy! Buzz off would ye!’

Soandso gives ‘Book: The Eyes of the Tranquil’ to Librarian Gharn

Librarian Gharn says ‘Ohhh! What have we ‘ere? A book on the Tranquil an’in pristine condition! Sealed wi’ ethereal magic too! Quite an artifact! Where did ye find this? Ne matter, we must unlock its [secrets]!’

Soandso receives quest flag ‘TheTranquilRoad’

Librarian Gharn says ‘Ages long passed as’it been since any’av walked The Tranquil Road. A pilgrimage taken by our ancestors, t’Kelderan. Many have sought the knowledge an’ few are the pages that fill this library. This book is a treasure. If only we were able t’[open] it.’

Soandso says ‘How can i open it?’

Librarian Gharn says ‘Well, ‘only one I know who may aid ye but his’ is out on a delicate matter for t’Lorekeepers, Id recommend ye’ seek him out but Elder Yrmir’s [mission] wa’ dangerous’

Soandso says ‘What was his mission’

Librarian Gharn says ‘Those a’details for t’Lorekeepers alone. I canne share much more with ye on that other than he had some dealins with t’goblins. Maybe ye might have luck down in Grimrock pass’

Soandso receives ‘A Sealed Note to the Elder’

Soandso says ‘hello’

Elder Yrmir says ‘Elp me! The green beasts have me’ shackled!’

Soandso gives shackle key to Elder Yrmir

Elder Yrmir says ‘Thank ye kindly and not too soon either! Them goblins were ready to boil me up fe’ tonights supper’

Soandso gives ‘A Sealed Note to the Elder’

Elder Yrmir says ‘Kaza’Thul’s pick! A tome o’the Kelderan! Ye’ll need a [Felgeran] Chant te’ unclasp bound magic like that. Gharn should be able to help ye’. Now ye should go before these green skinned beasts return!’

Soandso says to Librarian Gharn ‘I need a recipe for Felgeran Chant’

Librarian Gharn says ‘Ye better be jokin’ me lad. That damn book ‘been missin fe’ weeks. Tha’ thief [Gril] Deepforge, calls ‘imself a Lord but steals from t’library to save a few gold coin! Ye’ll have to get Enchanted Infusions IV back from ‘im before we can get ye t’ingredients’

Soandso receives ‘Note: Overdue Property’

Soandso says ‘hello’

Assistant Ghmir says ‘Welcome, what business do you have with the Deepforge Estate?’

Soandso says ‘I seek Gril Deepforge’

Assistant Ghmir says ‘Master Deepforge is currently occupied and not seeing guests. May I be able to assist you in any matters that do not [insist] in his person?’

Soandso says ‘I insist’

Assistant Ghmir says ‘Unfortunately Master Deepforge is overseeing an excavation in the Valley of Kings otherwise he would take audience with you. His [work] takes him many places and he is not always available. Perhaps you should wait for his return’

Assistant Ghmir says ‘I am not at liberty to discuss Master Deepforge’s interests, I am merely a humble assistant. Is there anything else you need?’

Soandso says ‘hello’

Gril Deepforge says ‘Go away! This ground is very delicate and you may distrupt it!’

Soandso gives ‘Note: Overdue Property’ to Gril Deepforge

Gril Deepforge says ‘That blasted scribe never leaves me be for a moment! Can’t they see i’m on the verge of a breakthrough! I have not done with book and nor do I intend to return it any time soon!’ Soandso receives quest flag ‘SacredGround’

Raan Stormbreaker says ‘By now Gril, you’re just holding onto it to spite the Lorekeepers. Hand it over, we have no further use for it’

Soandso says ‘hand it over’

Gril Deepforge says ‘Blah, fine take it’

Soandso receives ‘Enchanted Infusions IV’

Librarian Gharn says ‘I dunne believe it! Ye finally managed to prize the’tome out of his hands. That has bin’ a hole standing too long on t’shelves of the Library. Now, let us see what we need. Ahh.. yes.. here we are. Alright, shouldn’t be too difficult. First we’ll need t’bones o’ an earthly creature. A worg should de it’

Soandso gives Librarian Gharn ‘Worg Bones’

Librarian Gharn says ‘Good! Just what we need, now then lets see.. Liquid touched by the Dead. Mmm, there’be a swamp ne so far from here that was the site of an ancient battle, tis swarmin’wi undead. Perhaps ye should try there, eh?’

Soandso gives Librarian Gharn ‘A Fetid Waterbottle’

Librarian Gharn says ‘Ah I could smell ye from a mile away, what’eh slimy relic. Ne’er mind, should de for what we need. Right lets see, ahh… hmm.. this should be a difficult one. T’Eyes of a Beholder. Such a creature is but a myth, perhaps this book’be o use to ye’

Soandso receives ‘Legendary Creatures of Qylia’

Soandso gives Librarian Gharn ‘Eyes of the Beholder’

Librarian Gharn ‘Can it be? Such a legend we’true? Ye really have walked’t’Path of t’Kelderan! Well lets ne’wait any time longer eh? I’ll start t’chant now. Kelra Suvo Axtir! Rato Guergo Fratis! There we are! I must be honest wi’ye, I canne wait to see what lays inside, but perhaps ye should be’tfirst te open it, after all ye did’

Soandso receives ‘The Mythical Tome of Xran’Vul’

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