The Tangled Web

The Tangled Web

This quest is from a previous map and is no longer accessible

Soandso says ‘hello’

Grumpa Greyforge says ‘A meeting with the royalty is a delicate matter with many procedures that we must follow. Due to this, I am not yet ready to send you to the Prince at this time. However, while I deal with all the tasks necessary for such a meeting, I’d like to you to visit the Trading Guild in the outer district as they have requested assistance of the Service. Tell them, as always, I sent you’’

Trademaster Ilona says ‘Welcome to the Trading Guild HeadQuarters, I am Lady Ilona, Trademaster of Morheim. We run a tight schedule and have many topics to discuss today so if you forgive my impatience, is there anything specific you need?’

Soandso says ‘Grumpa sent me’

Trademaster Ilona says ‘Oh good, you must be from the service. We have a matter that has been troubling of late, it seems we have seen an increasing rise of contraband flowing into the city as well as shopkeepers reporting goods disappearing from their shops during the shadow of night. We’d like you to investigate the matter and report back your findings. I would recommend you start at Kelgors Arms’

Soandso receives ‘Permit of Investigation – Trading Guild’

Soandso says ‘Hello’

Kelgor Deephammer says ‘Welcome to Kelgors Arms, the finest steel weaponry and armour in all of Qylia’

Soandso gives ‘Kelgor Deephammer’ ‘Permit of Invesitgation’

Kelgor Deephammer says ‘Oh so you’re here to look into the matter of missing arms eh? Well I’m not sure what you want to know. All I can say is everytime I take inventory, I’m down a blade here, a shield there. The shops locked up [secure] on an evening and I may be old but i’ve always had well kept inventory records. Lord knows I’d like my license to sell if I didn’t’

Soandso says ‘How secure is your shop?’

Kelgor Deephammer says ‘My shops as secure as the Vaults o’ Morheim. Have a look around if you like, I’m sure you’ll find it’s all in order’

[If the player returns in the night time, an aggro npc will spawn near a grate in the basement he drops an instruction]

== HOODS NOTE == Get what we asked for and drop them off in the JC, don’t screw this up you know what will happen == END HOODS NOTE ==

Soandso receives ‘Hoods Note’

Soandso says ‘hello’

Frei Rockbreaker says ‘Welcome’t The Jewled Crown, finest bar you’lfind this side o’Qylia. What’s your poison?’

Soandso gives ‘Hoods Note’ to Frei Rockbreaker

Frei Rockbreaker says ‘Errr this doesn’t look like it’s for me, perhaps you better as our boss about it, he’s upstairs’

Soandso receives ‘Hoods Note’

Soandso says ‘hello’

Tiero Oakhaft says ‘Welcome t’the Jeweled Crown! What cannae get ya?’

Soandso gives ‘Hoods Note’ to Tiero Oakhaft

Tiero Oakhaft says ‘Look kid, I dunno where you got this but you just got yourself involved in the kind of business that you can’t walk away from….’

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