Kaluden Knights

Kaluden Knights

This quest is from a previous map and is no longer accessible

Soanso says “Hello”

Gwyndra Oakenhaf (Female Dwaven Knights Guild Master)t says “Welcome ye who would heft the [weight] of the oath! I wonder if yer girth be enough to support it though!”

Soanso says “What weight?”

Gwyndra Oakenhaft says “To Swear an [oath] beneath the Axe of Grombdyr is no light thing young sapling. Many have tried to stay close to its precepts but few have the will to honour them fully.

Soanso says “What is this oath?”

Gwyndra Oakenhaft says “ The Oath of a Keludan Knight is sword beneath this great Axe of Grombdyr by all those who are dedicated to following the path of the valour laid out in its [exact wording]

Soanso says “What is its exact wording?”

Gwyndra Oakenhaft says “Listen close young sapling for the words have a power to bind thee to our house in a way that is not easily undone.

[I choose the code of Grombdyr as my own. I hearby swear this oath to Valour: I shall speak only truth I shall use my weapons to defend the helpless I shall use my might to uphold the weak My heart knows only virtue My wrath will undo the wicked]

Soanso says [above oath]

Soanso receives Questflag : Squire [RECIEVES CLASS KNIGHT]

Gwyndra Oakenhaft says “Now go young squire, fetch me the Heart of a Gobel Preist”

Soanso gives Gobel Preist Heart to Gwyndra Oakenhaft

Gwyndra Oakenhaft says “Truly thy heart knows only virtue! Go forth once more noble squire and fetch me the blade of a Gobel warrior”

Soanso receives Questflag :warrior

Soandso gives Gwyndra Oakenhaft a Gobel Blade

Gwyndra Oakenhaft says “Truly thy wrath undoes the wicked! Go forth once more noble squire and fetch me the loadstone from the depth of the Gobel Eard!”

Soanso receives Questflag : KNIGHT

Soandso gives Gwyndra Oakenhaft a loadstone

Gwyndra Oakenhaft says “Truly thow hast the strength to uphold the code! |Go ye now and free the Lord Heun Ironstrike from the Gobel dungeons and learn the truth that our oath conveys to all”

Soanso receives Questflag : Knight Errant

Soanso says “Hello” to Heun Heun says “One word to all who question our creed. [Honour]

Soanso says “Honour” to Gwyndra Oakenhaft

Gwyndra Oakenhaft says “Truly you have what it takes! Seek Lord Heon ronstrike once again”

Soanso receives Questflag : Knight of the Code

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