Faith Lost

Faith Lost

This quest is from a previous map and is no longer accessible

Sosandso says ‘hello’

Grumpa Greyforge says ‘Morheims Hero returns, ready to take up the mantle and do their duty. Though this time, it is neither arms nor gobel that the city needs aid but a matter of faith. I have received word from non-other than my brother Chaplain Greyforge at the Church of Kaza’Thul, tell him I sent you’

Soandso says ‘hello’

Chaplain Greyforge says ‘Praise, Kaza’Thul’

Soandso says ‘grumpa sent me’ Chaplain Greyforge says ‘A blessing sent from my own dear kin, I am glad to have you hero. I have heard of your many victories on behalf of the Civil Service. It is the path that Kaza’Thul has laid out for you and now he seeks your [aid].’

Soandso says ‘What aid?’

Chaplain Greyforge says ‘The Church of Kaza’Thul has many churches scattered around Qylia, it is our duty to spread the word of the underking. Alas, our chapel at the village near Silverlight Caverns has not been heard from in weeks and we worry that Brother Kael has suffered some unfortunate incident. He was regular with his donations and often visited for guidance in [converting] the local population to the true path’

Soandso says ‘Converting?’

Chaplain Greyforge says ‘Yes, Brother Kael was sent to establish a Chapel to save the population from further blasphemy. They had been worshipping a false god and such heresy was tainting nearby citizens like a plague. Since his posting he has had much success and many have turned over to the true path, but recently there has been no word from him. We need someone to [investigate] the matter and return with your findings’

Sosandso says ‘I will investigate the matter’

Chaplain Greyforge says ‘Blessings to the Earth God, please give this note to Brother Kael and may he be in good health’

Soandso receives ‘Summons from the Church of Kaza’Thul’

Soandso receives quest flag ‘SilverlightInvestigation’

Soandso says ‘hello’

Brother Kael says ‘Flee from here! This land is tainted by black eyed gods! Kaza’Thul has forsaken these people and this wretched land!’

Soandso gives Brother Kael ‘Summons from the Church of Kaza’Thul’

Brother Kael says ‘Have the church not listened to my plees for the past fortnight! I have been requesting the Knights come to our aid since this [nightmare] began!’

Soando says ‘What nightmare?’

Brother Kael says ‘A man came through the town and carried with him a strange artefact, a cube covered with strange symbols and runes I have never seen before. He was silent and always hooded. He was around for a day or two and then dissapeared without a trace. That’s when the [terrors] came’

Soandso says ‘What terrors?’

Brother Kael says ‘The villagers were gathered in the church for our midweek service. A storm had gathered over Silverlight and the doors were bolstered shut. It was nothing unusual for this time of year and the church had taken worst than the weather could give. It was when mass began there was a strange howling that was neither the wind nor wild wolf. Then things took a turn for the [worse]’

Soandso says ‘How did it get worse?’

Brother Kael says ‘As lightning ripped through the skies it was then that the congregation leapt in shock as strange shadows of outlandish horrors appeared at the windows of the church as if clamouring to get inside. I beckoned the flock to trust in Kaza’Thul for he would allow no beast nor demon to enter. I spoke to them with passion the strengthening words of our Earth Lord for what seems like a whole [night] until the congregation one by one fell asleep from exhaustion. The shadows, always there, clawing at the windows.’

Soandso says ‘What happened after the night?’

Brother Kael says ‘It was daybreak when I awoke, I must have drifted asleep at the podium. The sunlight shone through the windows of the church and the shadows had passed. I looked down and the villagers looked out of the windows with relief. We had made it through the night. It was not until later that day we had realised one of our flock was [missing], taken from us in the night.’

Soandso says ‘Did any others go missing?’

Brother Kael says ‘Each night we gathered here in this church, and each night one more was taken from us. I sent for aid but received no word from Morheim. You are the first to find me here, alone with only I remaining. Perhaps I am fortunate had you come one night longer I would be gone like the rest. You must find the villagers of [silverlight] and put an end to this curse.’

Soandso recieves quest flag ‘TheLostFlock’

Soandso says ‘Are you from silverlight?’

Calar Haraal says ‘A …horr….or … the blackened ones…. leaavveeee…. Nonnee can saaave usss…’

Soandso gives Calar Haraal the Fetid Shackle Key

Calar Haraal says ‘A trick of the eyes? Am I free or just more of its insidious nightmares? Oh how we enraged her with our [wicked] ways.’

Soandso receives flag ‘TheBlackenedOnes’

Soandso says ‘What wicked ways?’

Calar Haraal says ‘Dezaal was our goddess, our lady of Silverlight. She protected us when none other would. Now, for our sins of worship of Kaza’Thul, she turns against us. A living nightmare brought on in the night. Dragging us down [here] into the earth to forever suffer her unbearable dreams’

Soandso says ‘Why did she bring you here?’

Calar Haraal says ‘A punishment perhaps, we worshipped the Earth God, she drags us down here with the [myconids] to live their life for an eternity until we can redeem ourselves in her eyes’

Soandso says ‘Who are the myconids?’

Calar Haraal says ‘The Myconids are her living fungal priests. They roam the underground in her service, preparing the sacred [offering] so we might be closer to her. Since we began worshipping Kaza’Thul we saw them less, but I still hear them down here, creeping through the shadows’

Soandso says ‘What is the sacred offering?’

Calar Haraal says ‘The offering was a holy drink the priests would give us that had been prepared by the Myconids. It would give us blissful dreams and visions of our lady. Her many visions helped guide Silverlight over the centuries.’

Soandso says ‘hello’

Cylum says ‘The sacred grove is for none other the lady’s sporelings!’

Sosndso says ‘I need a sacred offering’

[Requires any faction level with the myconids]

Cylum says ‘Only the chosen of the Lady can receive her sacred blessing. We tend to her sanctuary endlessly in her honour. Of late this has become [difficult].’

Soandso says ‘Why has this become difficult?’

Cylum says ‘The undying ones desecrate the sacred grove and murder the helpless sporelings. Each day more of her temple is taken from us.’

[Requires friendly level faction with the myconids]

Sosndso says ‘I need a sacred offering’

Cylum says ‘Your continued service to the myconids recognise you as a friend to us and our lady. You may take with you an offering, may it guide you’

Soandso receives ‘Offering of Dezaal’

Soandso gives Calar Haraal ‘Offering of Dezaal’

Calar Haraal says ‘Gaahh what is this you force down my throat! More poison from her…… agghhh the visions are return…… my lady…… …. Yes…. … I [understand] now ….. I will do your bidding…….. ‘

Soandso receives flag ‘FungalDeception’

Soandso says ‘What do you understand?’

Calar Haraal says ‘The nightmares are not of our lady. Her sacred waters have been tainted by another and used for neferarios ends that are not clear to me right now. Seek out the well and clear the infestation. See what you can discover about it so we can end this horror.’ Soandso receives ‘Fungal Corruption’

Librarian Gharn says ‘Can’ye see I’m busy! Buzz off would ye!’

Soandso gives Lirbarian Gharn ‘Fungal Corruption’

Librarian Gharn says ‘Wha is this lad? Some kind o [fungus], fetid and black – wait!! ye bring necromancy into the great halls!’

Soandso says ‘What necromancy?’

Librarian Gharn says ‘Not since the time of The Unspeakable has the city of Mor’Heim been tainted with death magic this powerful! Had the clergy seen you with this you would be latched to an iron maiden confessing your sins! Where did you [find] this ungodly object?’

Soandso says ‘I found it in silverlight’

Librarian Gharn says ‘Such corruption so close to the city? You must take this to the Guild Master immediately. It is vital we locate the source of such powerful magic and put an end to it. Keep this item in this protective seal at all times, should the darkness spread elsewhere we would be unable to stop it’

Soandso receives ‘A Magically Sealed Case’

Soandso says ‘hello’

Tephys Starhammer says ‘You stand before the Grand Arcanist of the Halls of Algar. It is my duty to see the Legacy of Algar continues far into the future and that knowledge is shared among the population of Mor’Heim and it’s allies’

Soandso gives ‘A Magically Sealed Case’ to ‘Tephys Starhammer’

Tephys Starhammer says ‘Kaza’Thul protect us. Could it be that the day Algar feared has finally arrived. The return of the [Shadow Walker]’

Soandso says ‘what shadow walker?’

Tephys Starhammer says ‘His name was Shai’Din, an Aerin’Dal that brought Morheim to its knees in centuries past. His power was absolute, far greater even than Algar and he brought with him the full fury of that power on our people. Had it not been for [luck] the Keladun would be no more.’

Soandso says ‘What luck?’

Tephys Starhammer says ‘Shai’Din was slain by a Auran Stormbreaker in an epic battle between the Storm Guard Elite and the unliving armies of Shai’Din. Necromancy has forever since been forbidden in the realms of the Aerindal and Keladun but there is one [who] may assist us in ascertaining if this corruption is a shadowy remnant of our dark past or a sinister darkness back to plague us all once more’

Soandso says ‘who can aid us?’

Tephys Starhammer says ‘His name is Elzor Val’Elsir and he is a Sun Elf currently occupying the Plains of Aran. He is dangerous and calculated but the subject matter may be of interest to him. I will destroy the remnents of this object, this sample should be enough for him to diagnose’

Soandso receives ‘Sample of Corruption’

Elzor Val’Esir says ‘Such Arrogance to approach one of Qylia’s greatest spellcasters with no invitation! Be gone before I have you walk my halls in endless servitude as another unliving minion’

Soandso gives Elzor Val’Esir ‘Sample of Curruption’

Elzor Val’Esir says ‘What is this? An interesting death weave, yes…. Magnificent… the crossing of the myconidian spores with plague magic. This looks like…. No, it cannot be. It is so fresh! [Where] did you find this?’

Soandso says ‘I found it in silverlight’

Elzor Val’Esir says ‘Hah those fools at Tol’Rael! I knew it! You may go now, I have no further use for you. Run back to that blithering fool Tephys, his impractical handiwork is all over this amateur sample. You may tell him his fears are confirmed, Shai’Dan walks among us once more!’

Soandso receives flag ‘ReturnOfTheLich’

Soandso says ‘It is confirmed, Shai’Dan walks among us’

Tephys Starhammer says ‘Kaza’Thul save us all. Speak to Chaplain Greyforge at the Church of Kaza’Thul and give him this note. He will know what to do.’ Soandso receives ‘A matter of urgency’

Chaplain Greyforge says ‘It seems your small investigation has brought to us the gravest of news, perhaps even the darkest hour on Morheim for centuries. Your devotion to the protection of the Keladun and its peoples is a blessing of Kaza’Thul himself. I must now gather the council to discuss this cloud of doom that is gathering over us. Please take this note to our leader, Baelan Stormbreaker urgently. You have done well, my brother will be proud!’

Soandso receives ‘Calling Of The Priesthood’

Soandso gives ‘Calling of the Priesthood’ to Exarch Baelan

Exarch Baelan says ‘Hmm, what is this? Kaza’Thul be my guide! What a task you have undertaken, you are a true instrument to the Earth Lord! Take this token to the service, it will show our thanks for all you have done, brave devotee. I have little time to reward you, here, take this it is well worthy your efforts. Now may the Gods protect us for what is to come. Should the time come you wish to offer your services to the Priesthood, come see me. We would welcome you to [join] us.’

Soandso receives ‘Kaza’Thul Marked Token of Appreciation’

Soandso receives ‘Chestplate of Baelan the Exarch’

Soandso gives ‘Kaza’Thul Marked Token of Appreciation’ to Grumpa Greyforge

Grumpa Greyforge says ‘News travels fast among the high ranking of Mor’Heim. The news of the return of Shai’Dan has brought about a commotion among the Paladins, Priests and even now the Royalty speak your name. With the gobel at our feet and news of The Lich it seems the city is in need of our aid. Perhaps, when you are ready, you may once again come to our aid.

Soandso receives flag ‘Instrument of Kaza’Thul’

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