A Hero is Born

A Hero is Born

This quest is from a previous map and is no longer accessible

Soandso says ‘hello’

Magrid Stoneheart says ‘Welcome’ te’the Morheim Embassy’

Soandso gives Magrid Stoneheart ‘Citizenship Papers’

Magrid Stoneheart says ‘Mhm, s’all seems to check out. I’ll av’ ye filed as’a represent’d member o’the populace immediately. Welcome te’Morheim!’

Soandso receives a quest flag ‘CitizenOfMorheim’

Soandso says ‘hello’

Grumpa Greyforge says ‘This situation is a disast’r Meliar, we must address the problem with’trade routes immediately! If t’Trading Guilds [supplies] get any lower…. Oh, ay, it’s ye again! Did ye see to your citizenship, hmm?’

Soandso says ‘what supplies problem?’

Grumpa Greyforge says ‘As Meliar we’just explaining, there appears to’be some commotion down in t’underground trade network. Perhaps ye could go on behalf to scout the situation, maybe see if ye could lend a [hand] on behalf of t’Civil Service?’

Soandso says ‘I will lend a hand’

Grumpa Greyforge says ‘The situation is being overse’n by t’Storm Guard, report to Captain Icewind and tell’im the [service] sent ye.’

Soandso says ‘hello’

Captain Icewind says ‘Sorry, ‘am currently engaged in matters o’grave importance. I am unable to receive ye to Stormwatcher Citadel for a’tour’

Soandso says ‘The service sent me’

Captain Icewind says ‘Kaza’Thul be absent on this day, th’trade networks are broken an’the city is being besieged from beneath our feet. We’must make a stand an’ push back th’intruders before the inner city is breached an’havoc spreads through Morheim. Will t’civil service make a [stand] with t’Stormguard in our hour o’need?’

Soandso says ‘The service will stand with the Stormguard!’

Captain Icewind says ‘We’re blessed t’have ye stand beside our shields, brother! T’defeat this threat we must push back th’attacks on th’gates and find this source of incursion. Have yer’party report te Sergeant Blackhammer at the Trade Network Gates. Tell him [Icewind] sent ye.’

Soandso says ‘hello’

Sergeant Blackhammer says ‘Thi’is no a place for a citizen! Please move yerself back into te’city as t’Storm Guard canne guarantee yer safety’

Soandso says ‘Icewind sent me’

Sergeant Blackhammer says ‘Praise to te the’Earthern Ones! We’re in dire need o’more able bodies! Our men have held th’gate but while these green skins are [organised] we shall be a’risk o’ losing all we have held so’far’

Soandso says ‘How are they organized?’

Sergeant Blackhammer says ‘The’tacticians o’the Storm Citadel av’ recognised patterns o’behavior on t’strikes which are more furious an’ well timed each hour! It appears as if the’ are moving as units an’ are being led by a’leader. We’need someone brave enough te’make it into the tunnels an’ assassinate the’leaders. Bring me their scalps so we’can celebrate a minor victory in t’campaign to reclaim back our land!’

Soandso receives flag ‘DefenseOfTheRealm’

Soandso gives Sergeant Blackhammer ‘Redtooth Leader Scalp’

Sergeant Blackhammer ‘Ahah! Aye these markings are unlike t’others, undoubtly a higher ranking greenskin! This should send em in disarray! Bring us’more so we can thin te’numbers even more!’

Soandso receives flag ‘RedtoothScalp1’

Soandso gives Sergeant Blackhammer ‘Redtooth Leader Scalp’

Soandso receives flag ‘RedtoothScalp2’

Sergeant Blackhammer ‘Ye doin Kaza’Thuls work citizen! We’can already see lesser attacks! Wi’one more it may give us te’reprieve we need te launch a counter attack!’

Soandso gives Sergeant Blackhammer ‘Redtooth Leader Scalp’

Soandso receives flag ‘RedtoothScalp3’

Sergeant Blackhammer ‘Th’men already talk of ye’victory, citizen! Such bravery earns ye the respect of t’Storm Guard! Report back to th’Captain with this note, n’doubt he will also wish te reward ye for yer efforts’

Soandso receives item ‘Note to Icewind’

Soandso gives ‘Note to Icewind’ to ‘Captain Icewind’

Captain Icewind says ‘Ye are proof that t’Civil Service are more te Morheim than just a’body o’citizens. Yer ranks are those o’heroes, ready t’stand when the Keladun cry for aid. I hear t’Knights speak of ye already, perhaps one day ye will find yer place in our [order] as a’Storm Guard. Ye work is now complete and we can begin t’counter attack to seize back t’trade network. We are in t’Services debt and will increase our donation te them this season. Please return this t’Grumpa and thank him for his aid. Oh and here is a little something worthy of a hero such as ye’self’

Soandso receives ‘Storm Token of Appreciation’

Soandso receives ‘Storm Guard Crested Sabatons’

Soandso gives ‘Storm Token of Appreciation’ to ‘Grumpa Greyforge’

Grumpa Greyforge says ‘I knew I could count on ye, citizen. T’Service once again is in ye debt. The Redtooth Goblins have devastated t’vital trade that powers the Keladun Kingdom. Though t’battle may not be over, yer’part will be forever written as th’day we pushed back t’green skinned menace once and fer all. I have more work for ye, hero, if ye have the time. Come seek me out, eh?’

Soandso receives quest flag ‘AHeroIsBorn’

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