Rail N'Ris

Rail N’Ris

Rail N’Ris

Rail N’Ris is a Sun Elf renegade and former citizen of the Caerthian Empire. She is one of the main leaders of the Cearthian Sympathisers who were known to have sided with the Anushi during the Anushi-Caerthian slave uprising of 196981 UT

Rail used Count N’Ris’s personal funds to smuggle Anushi by boat from Caerthia into the lands of the Morheim Kingdom of Amaria. With the aid and leadership of the anushi named Teris, a new stronghold was established knownn as Haven which became a refuge to all and any subjugated races on the lands of Amaria

Using her diplomatic skill Rail was able to form an alliance between many of the major cities of Amaria which became crucial during the Caerthian Invasion, the last stand being at the Aerindal city of Eindel

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