Raan N'Var

Raan N’Var

Raan N’Var

Head Archivist of V’Lorn

Physical Description

Facial Features

His eyes bear the mark of a man who has spent many years thumbing ancient texts by candle light

Apparel & Accessories

High Archivist N’Var is draped, much like his counterparts, in the studious garbs of the Library of V’Lorn

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Raan’s deep understanding of Dark Elven racial heritage has provided each of the Houses of Undergate with important advice on matters of war, politics and arcanum. The Library of V’Lorn towers high into the subterranean city of Undergate and is filled with all manners of tomes, artifacts and lost treasures. It is thanks to Raan’s careful management that the Library continues on as an important location of Dark Elven wisdom

Due to the vast amount of knowledge that flows through a single man it is not entirely clear how much Raan could be manipulated knowledge to his own ends. On the surface Raan always seems impartial, but giving that the Library of V’Lorn has absolute control over all relics and information flowing in and out of Undergate, some may wonder what one could achieve with such power.

Raan is a master multischooled arcanist and has studied many forbidden and lost spells very few scholars have seen. His Keepers meticulously collect, study and catalogue an ever increasing volume of artifacts for the Library which he distributes as he sees fits to the various guilds that operate in Undergate

Raan is to the point, motivated and deeply connected to all members of society, high and low. He will rarely be involved in public functions, instead prefering to use any of his spare time spent in study.

Raan will never offend or share his personal feelings towards others, instead trying to keep himself in favour with anyone who may potentially aid in the aquisition of new curiosities and tomes


Raan began as Keeper in the Library of V’Lorn and worked his way to Head Archivist following the natural death of his predecessor

Accomplishments & Achievements

Multi-Disciplined Arcanist Head of the Library of V’lorn

Personality Characteristics

Likes & Dislikes

Raan fears the collapse of the political hierarchy that currently operate in Undergate. It has been a constant dance of power between the Church and Military that he feels one day one may result in total chaos and subsequently the fall of the Library of V’Lorn

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