Hiran Asura

Hiran Asura

Hiran Asura

Hiran Asura was once a form of Angel known as Tinai that populated the planet in it’s earliest days when the Gods still roamed the lands. It is known that Hiran was granted high office as overseer of one of the many Tinai cities that surrounded the earth in those early days and was unique in that he and his brother were one of the few male Tinai.

Under Hiran Asura’s rule his people flourished and were known as some of the greatest followers of the God Methabeht until an event which would change life on Solinia forever. A being, known now to be named Kali or ‘The Weaver’ was drawn to the magic and ever growing life of Solinia and began to sow seeds of chaos and destruction among its people. One of these was the possession of another Tinai ruler who was convinced to turn away from the teachings of Methabeht and follow another, it was this ruler who we know murdered Hiran Asura’s brother and claimed his land for his own.

The Tinai had never experienced any such ruthlessness and evil and were unsure how to proceed but Hiran Asura demanded vengeance. It is known that this began the fall of Hiran Asura and the initiation as the events that we know to be the Cataclysm and the ending of the Mythological Age. Hiran Asura challenged this fallen king and a battle ensued for weeks. Failing to possess the boons that his nemesis had aquired through the worshipping of gods other than Methabeht Hiran Asura’s rage only increased.

It was then here at his weakest moment did The Weaver appear to him, promising him the powers to defeat his rival. She promised him that through the destruction of the lesser gods he could absorb their power and gain access to planar abilities far greater than his rival could ever imagine and when his task was complete and his enemy defeated he would hold such dominion over the very forces of the universe he could bring back his lost brother and restore the life he had once known.

Corrupted by his hatred and dispair at defeat Hiran Asura handed his life over to the Weaver and his destruction of the Gods that once walked on the lands of Solinia began. The World was devastated during his battles with the gods and the innocent younger races were permanently erased at the hands of Hiran. Some races fled to The Under and others, such as the Tinai, who fought valiantly but eventually were forced to flee the planet completely. An entire pantheon of Gods were slain by Hiran Asura and the power he began to contain erased nearly all of the man he had once been.

When it came to the time that the last of the Gods stood before him the Weaver finally presented herself and explained her treachery and her possession of the Tinai she had used to butcher Hiran’s sibling. The Lesser Gods no longer stood in her way and the unique properties of Solinia would now be at her disposal and none could stand before her except the elements. She cursed Hiran Asura to forever be sealed within a tomb that no living creature could enter, to be tormented by his lust for power and foolish destruction of all life on Solinia. Till his misery was so great she would use his power against the four elemental gods and finally claim the domain over the unique world of Solinia

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