Emperor Val'Elsir

Emperor Val’Elsir

Emperor Val’Esir

Emperor Elaril Val’Elsir

Ruler of the Caerthian Empire during the Mythological Age and the Time of Crisis, Emperor Elaril Val’Elsir is a pure blood Sun Elf of the lands of Qylia. He oversaw a bitter rivalry with the Aerindal Kindgdoms of the North, invading them twice during his leadership

Noteable Campaigns

The War of the Four Kingdoms

It is believed Val’Elsir oversaw a propagander campaign forcing the Ophidians to invade Caerthain territory as a justification for Caerthian evacuation and expansion north into Aerindal territory. Paying the Ogres a large sum to invade the Keladun and Aerindal whilst simultaneously blaming brutalities on caerthian refugees the Caerthians began a war into the lands of Aerindal and conquered the city of Eindel

It was during this period that the Aerindal drifted into the pages of history, had it not been for the return of future travellers into the past, the Aerindal would never have been seen again

The Caerthian Invasion of Amaria

Caerthian Invasion of Amaria


Emperor Val’Elsir was murdered by the lich Shai’Din in the final moments of the Eindel siege during The Caerthian Invasion of Amaria in 1234 P-OE (196982 UT)

Family Name

Val’Elsir is believed to be a word that represents the city of Cal’Drin and was discovered by the Caerthians in the subterranean areas of the appropriated city. The dynastic name was first taken by Emperor Galamar Ra’Ern and stayed in the family until Prince Envar Val’Elsir who reverted the suranme back to Ra’Ern

The name (and in particular the throne) was also adopted by the earliest dynasties of the Mysmaal many years after the fall of the Caerthian Empire

Recent Family Tree

Emperor Galamar Ra’Ern (Great Grandfather) (4th/1st Dynasty king)

Emperor Dominus Val’Elsir (Grandfather) (2nd Dynasty King)

Emperor Anryr Val’Elsir (Father) (3rd Dynasty King)

Emperor Elaril Val’Elsir & Queen Iluna Val’Elsir (Born D’Raal) (4th Dynasty King)


Prince Envar Val’Elsir (Emperor Envar Ra’Ern - Crowned 63022 UT) (5th Dynasty King)

Prince Deuzulus Val’Elsir

Princess Lenya Val’Elsir


It is believed that Deuzulus was once a prince of the Caerthian Empire and also carries the Val’Elsir name, though he has long since discarded any of his former self since his elevation to God of Hate

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