ARRR Newz Volume 3

No good robber

Chief say stupid man try steal weapon in middle of night! He so mad, he put him in prison. If you want throw rock at him you can find him in Chief big hut!

Who dem people

Lot of new people come from desert, not sure if friendly - think they no like redscar so maybe they ok! Look like they go into fairy forest - hmm maybe they kill fairy and ARRR can get bigger

Gobelins again

Those gobelins have gone stolen redscar chief sword HAHAHA! think they fight with to save someone - we no sure who!


We hear rumour someone kidnapping people! Maybe even torture! You stay in ARRR with bouncer, Chief keep us all safe

Big boys of East

We think they big boys are back, want to attack magic people in Avaris and take land! We ok for now, but we keep watch out just incase

What happen in blackveil

We not sure but we hear commotion down in blackveil? Maybe somoene attack? We wait out see who win

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