Old NPC Lore

Old NPC Lore

Old NPC Lore

Old NPC Lore

MasterShu Bentui, Barashan. Do you hear the whispering of the wind? A new symphony begins in the great Kojiki and you are its rhythm

MasterShu The Kojiki is the rhythym of destiny. It guides us all. A new harmony has begun and you are but one layer

MasterShu XunShi priests study the Kojiki to determine actions that will occur in the future. When you are ready, we will begin its tale about you barashan

MasterShu A jelous god brings blood upon the forgotten temple of war, your journey begins there, Barashan

Ragnot Dis crime! I make orc mad! No more!

Ragnot Dem stupid orc! Lose our life to wrong God! Dis must stop!

Ragnot Break de magics! Is only way, bring me head of dis witch! I give gud reward!

Erion_McBride You’re with the BlackHoods yes?

Erion_McBride Good, we’ve been waiting for you. I have a small favour to ask, relay to Kirik we are ready to move

Erion_McBride Thanks, hurry along now, we don’t have much time

Erion_McBride Then get the hell out of here - i have no need for you

Kirik_Blackfist What do you want? Did he send you? Are they ready?

Kirik_Blackfist So they’re ready to move huh? I guess its time then, take this to Berigan, he’ll know what to do

Kirik_Blackfist Where is berigan? Where do you think? Are you the courier or not?

ServantOfRarahat Death and destruction, it is the way of all things. Embrace it and our lord for your own salvation

PriestBerigan Praise Rarahat! Lord of Death and Destruction!

PriestBerigan The Book! We can begin! Rarahat your time is now!

CrusaderDurendal Welcome to the Shrine of Zurvan. I am Crusader Durandel, it is my charge to guard our holiest of relics

CrusaderDurendal The Book of Destiny lays within the chamber behind me and was gifted to our order in ancient times

CrusaderDurendal The Book of Destiny contains forbidden texts that none may read until the chosen time as dictated to us by Zurvan. Here we stand, ever guarding it until the time comes that it must be used

CrusaderDurendal Zurvan is the God of Destiny. Each BlueLight Paladin follows his teachings

CrusaderDurendal Praise Zurvan! Another Squire makes his pilgrimage to the Shrine of Destiny. You may rest your feet friend, your pilgrimage is now at an end and we welcome you to the Order as a Paladin

CrusaderDurendal Paladin Moss is on a very important mission. We have been made aware of a dangerous group known as the Black Hoods of Rarahat who are attempting to summon his dark magic. Should their plans come to fruition a new era of death shall be brought upon Solini…

Arthur_Trian Another day another hoe! I swear to Zurvan they work me to the bone!

Arthur_Trian Oh! Another wants to listen to my tales? I have many, I was a paladin you see! Long ago, saw many things in Solinia but alas those days are gone since I lost my oath

Arthur_Trian Oaths all a paladin has! Without it, we mean nothing, we have to uphold the oath, its our charge you see!

Arthur_Trian An Oath? For me! You have brought me back into the fold! Please, take this! Thank you!

Shiela_Appletoe Welcome to the Hammer and Nail, need a drink darlin? Or just hear for gossip?

Shiela_Appletoe If i have to listen to Arthur going on and on about his time in the BlueLight I may just lose my mind!

Arcas_Fireblade Fine smithing, fair prices. How can i help?

Mayor_Erilon Another stranger in Hammerfield. Just what we need with all the trouble we’ve had recently.

Mayor_Erilon We’ve had no end of food supplies lost and now Jack’s livestock have gone missing. With no food to supply the town I’m not sure how long hammerfield can hold up. Sorry, I didn’t mean to burden you with our problems but as a mayor it’s very stressful for …

Mayor_Erilon Fren is looking into it, but it doesnt sound like hes having much luck. How we will make it through the winter I will never know

Mayor_Erilon Are you seriously accusing me? Where is your evidence? Are you going to get this job done or not?

Mayor_Erilon Are you seriously accusing me? Where is your evidence? Are you going to get this job done or not?

Jack_Ryder Suppose you’re here to trade, good luck when we have nothing to trade but dirt and grass.

Fren_Brightstar Please dont bother me, I’m very busy right now

Fren_Brightstar The missing supplies! So the mirfields had them huh? I shoulda known! Turned up out of the blue and always kept themselves to themselves. Well not to worry, at least you found em! Take this, it was a gift from the Mayor but what use is a sword to people …

Fren_Brightstar Yes food, i’m trying to find it now please leave me alone unless you have found it yourself

Fren_Brightstar You can’t surely be accusing me? I am the one looking into this investigation! What would be my motive?

Fren_Brightstar Are you seriously accusing me? Where is your evidence? Are you going to get this job done or not?

Joseph_Mirleaf Have you seen papa?

Joseph_Mirleaf No i mean well kind of! My sister was hungry! Papa has been missing for days and I needed to do something! I am sorry I didnt mean to make the mayor lady angry. If you help me find my papa I will give you back the food

Joseph_Mirleaf Last thing papa said was he had found something in the mountain, he said we’d be rich beyond our dreams but then he never came back - I hope you can find him!

Joseph_Mirleaf Oh hey! Did you find papa? Whats this a note? Oh aunty! Thank you! We will head there now, here help yourself to the food, tell the mister i’m sorry ok!

Joseph_Mirleaf No i mean well kind of! My sister was hungry! Papa has been missing for days and I needed to do something! I am sorry I didnt mean to make the mayor lady angry. If you help me find my papa I will give you back the food

Milly_Mirleaf Where is papa?

Jango_Mirleaf I don’t know who sent you to this cursed place but you better leave before its too late

Jango_Mirleaf Damn my eyes for finding this place, I am cursed and can never return to my beloved children! What horrors I have endured in my transformation, one that I can never see befall on them. Please, you must leave this place and find their aunt and give her th…

Ahora_Mirleaf Hey hon! Welcome to the Bridge Inn! You after a drink or just want some place to stay?

Ahora_Mirleaf Whats this? This looks just like…. what is this inside? Oh… oh no! Its happening again! The children! Quickly give them this and tell them to come to me immediately! Do not panic them, god bless them they are lucky they are still alive!

Ahora_Mirleaf Back before we came here there was a forest, it was a peaceful place in the day, but then people started dissapearing in the night. We’d hear horrible howls and occasionally the screams of our neighbours. One by one our villagers dissapeared and when it …

GregoirAlexander Your stench infuriates my senses. Remove yourself from my presence

Melaron_the_Lich The serpent hisses with the purest of rage. Harnessing its power it rips apart the realm of the Gods. You stand before a relic of history which has been claimed by lesser beings but its power sits, ever dormant, waiting for the return of she which ravages

Melaron_the_Lich The appropriated realm of the Ravager has been claimed by one of Hate. The Goddess howls atop her tower of frenzy, restless she eyes further conquest to satisfy her endless lust of power. Bring me one of her children and I will bestow you with her glory

Melaron_the_Lich You please the Goddess with your offerings. Bring me a weapon of compassion so we may taint it with her fury

Melaron_the_Lich Your devotion to the Ravager has not gone unnoticed. Her influence over this realm shall serve you well. Pray to her for fury, pray to her for frenzy and walk this realm with the purest of rage

Farin_N’Rix Welcome to the Underfall Tavern, home to the finest music, food and blood wine this close to the surface

Farin_N’Rix Sure I can get you some wine, but you’ll need to show me your coin first, 1 piece of to be exact

Farin_N’Rix Well if you don’t have any coin I’m afraid I can’t help you. We have enough people here trying to scrounge drinks from me, why don’t you go get yourself a job and then come spend that hard earned money here ok?

Farin_N’Rix So you finally got around to making some money here huh? Well that’s great! Here’s your drink, hope it was worth the labour

Ariala_D’Raal Oh hey handsome! You here for a song? My throat is a little dry but I’ll be starting the next song soon, hope you can be around for it!

Ariala_D’Raal For me? How kind, I must admit I’m rather nervous on my first night here. Father didn’t appreciate me turning my back on my studies at V’lorn for a career as a bard but I fear I could not spend one more day scouring through those boring dusty tomes. He a…

Ariala_D’Raal You have a way of getting revenge? Do go on? His battle plans? I suppose I could retreave them for you, he does so hate it when his plans fall apart. It will take some sneaking around, i shall use one of my stage characters, Licil_R’Sath, meet me outside…

Raan_N’Var The tomes of the underdark have been studiously kept by our keepers for centuries. Here we propel our people forward by the wisdom and teachings of our forebearers. It is no doubt that the knowledge that sits within these walls is what positioned the dar…

Raan_N’Var There is always work to be completed. Currently I am sequested to a job that could be fulfilled by one of my servants, and seeing as you are here perhaps you could run this errand for me. Scurry along with this tome for High Priest Xeran will you and I s…

Raan_N’Var As much as I appreciate the efforts of the priesthood, I care little for that aged priests gratitude. My role here is to provide knowledge and for that I need no thanks. You have proven yourself a useful little rat, I will now offload some more of my bur…

HighPriestXeran Another lost misguided soul steps into the bosom of hatred. Deuzulus has brought you today, he sets you on a path to emblazon you with eternal scorn. Hatred for others protects us and empowers us. It is with this strife we have conquered The Under and sh…

HighPriestXeran Can it be? Such an archaic tome I thought had been lost! Raans service will be noted to the Priesthood, please send our gratitude. We shall implement its teaching into the doctrine immediately

HighPriestXeran The endless work of spreading the message of Deuzulus is a task for each one of us

Lord_D’Raal The S’Kor fool pushes his religious agenda upon the citizens of Undergate damning the security and future of the city. His efforts must be put to an end if we do not want to fall into absolute chaos

Lord_D’Raal Lord S’Kor has a continuous stream of resources from the fanatical devotees that believe in his madness of discovering the birthplace of Deuzulus. If we can sow doubt into the populous about this foolhardy venture of his we can reduce his finances and tu…

Lord_D’Raal The artifact which mentions the origins of Deuzulus is currently locked up in his vault and guarded heavily. If the artifact were to say, disappear, he would have nothing to present to the believers at the announcement this evening. Obviously stealing fr…

Lord_S’Kor It is the divine will of Deuzulus that has guided us since our inception in that fetid nest of mysmaal and it is his will that will lead us forth. Abandoning the search for the birthplace of Deuzulus for some idiotic campaign to the surface will only det…

Melin_R’Len The Indigo Daggers are masters of stealth, forgery and deception. Any job can be satisfied if your pockets are deep

Melin_R’Len If you are looking for a forgery please be prepared to pay a hefty cost, of course there are alternatives to payment

Melin_R’Len Services for services. It so happens we have a task that may suit you, if you are discreet and can put aside your moral obligations for a moment. Does that sound like something that could interest you?

Melin_R’Len Good, then what is it you want to be forged specifically? Deeds, official documents, or the change of duty pages for House S’Kor? Don’t look shocked, we have people in many places. Understand this, we know that you are working for House D’Raal and it wou…

Melin_R’Len Lord D’Raal is currently financing the army of Undergate and is planning an attack on one of the local surface settlements. Normally we dark elves don’t concern ourselves with the lives of lesser beings but in this case we have a specific interest the co…

Melin_R’Len I shall provide you with what you need on receipt of a simple slip of paper. I’m sure you’re quite capable of that yes?

Melin_R’Len Good, I see you are capable of manipulation and able to follow orders. I may have more work for you in the future. For now, we shall conclude our deal. This document should get you what you need

Licil_R’Sath Oh look, a walking lump of refuse, how novel!

Licil_R’Sath Move quickly, I fear he is suspicious

Guard_N’Rot As members of the personal guard of Lord S’Kor it is our duty to protect the S’Kor dynasty and its property

Guard_N’Rot Oh? I was expecting G’Tir to relieve me and you are not him. If there has been a change of duty, then where are your change of duty pages?

Guard_N’Rot So I am to personally escort Lord S’Kor on his announcement, very well. Take the relic and protect it like your own. Should anything happen to it Lord S’Kor will have you quartered

Tamrin_N’Rot Welcome to the Blue Flame, we specialise in dark elven armour, weaponry and tools. Do you have something specific in mind or are you just browsing?

Tamrin_N’Rot It just so happens there is something I need. I have an order to fulfill that requires a particular type of reagent for imbueing a dagger. It may not be an easy task, but if you can provide me with the blood of a night creature, I can reward you with an …

Tamrin_N’Rot Wonderful, and from the looks, completely uncontaminated. This should satisfy the order perfectly. Thank you for your aid, here’s your coin as promised

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