Old Item Lore

Old Item Lore

Old Item Lore

Old Item Lore

Tend to your dead when the battle is done if you tend to the wounded til the battle is won

Conjuring fire was one of the first abilities taught to the magicians of Tsiyon

I swear to you, Lord Methabeht, smite my enemy and I shall forever give myself in service. - Darakua

An old elemental school page detailing the art of summoning perfect circles of frost

This dusty parchment documents the history of the Mysmaal

Hunting a winged beast is easier done when they are young - Elarok Lightbringer

The Modern Humans seem to be just as obsessed with knowledge as their predecessors - Salvador Kondrat

A warrior’s stamina reserves are invaluable in the heat of battle Captain Bynde

Forward my brothers! We shall win the day! General Mato

Through a cloud of blood, the warrior seeks h

And with that bow, call from the sky for arrows

Observe my brothers, the gift of the gods!- Ioni Miriad

Make no haste when traveling this land, move quickly to your destination. Sepa

Who needs air when Methabeht will provide? Ioni Miriad

And to my children, I leave this cloth. As shelter and safety.

Good look hitting me! Bleed of the Cell Squad

The battle was fierce and lasted weeks, the O

They shot through the dark pines hungry for their next meal, in a pack as one. Scholar Aquilar

The Arcane Shield is passed down since the time of the Vishim

The Lizardmen have always had the ability to take a few more hits when the going gets tough General Mato

The ancient curse of Deuzulus, passed down for generations.

The beings of the element can survive in places others could never Scholar Aquilar

The power of ‘Blinking’ is taught to High Human children at an early age. Scholar Aquilar

“The Halfling race has always been a hard one

The Ogre’s can use their sheer mass to great effect in combat Captain Bynde

The Trolls have an innate ability to summon bursts of furious strength Captain Bynde

A simple piece of technology developed by the

The various diseases carried by the undead’s rotten flesh are often turned on their enemies. Scholar Aquilar

The charge of a Barbarian is a sight to behold Captain Bynde

They are coming for us brothers! We shall make them rue the day! General Mato

The ancient mechanical weapon of the clockworks is legend Scholar Aquilar

A bleeding foe will fall with ease Captain Bynde

To block an attack is the first step, it only becomes useful if you can retaliate Captain Bynde

This spell seems to have storm runes on it…

Draw upon the power of the under dark to swee

There lay in front of them their beloved rule

Like minded elves find comfort in their share

You draw upon the legacy of your people to ai

The Foresworn’s blessing

The forsaken turn their ancient curse against

Many Clockworks have springed heels, allowing

The races of the combine agreed upon a sacred

Sometimes not aiming for one target is exactly what you need Captain Bynde

To shoot a foe is easy, to hit them in such a way that you remain hidden, now that is a skill! Rauchlehre

The backlash is the staple of many Tsiyonian Magician’s arsenals

A well timed dash can confuse and disorient your opponent, leaving them open to an attack Rauchlehre

Those goblins can disappear at a moment’s notice, be on your guard men! Rauchlehre

Although not the most powerful spell, Magic Missile is a standard spell that every aspiring young mage must know. -Scholar Aquilar

Feel the breath of Methabeht upon you!

The Magicians of Tsiyon are renown for their ability to create storms of flames

Look upwards my son, see what methabeht can bring for us - Druid Kenria Selri

Through worship we can call upon aid in our times of need - Ioni Miriad

Behold! The gods look favourably upon you! - Ioni Miriad

The Dead dare not speak of what lays within that ancient ring

Ilandria clammered up the ancient steps of that forgotten temple - the Tinai were real!

The shamans of old could bring the spirits to bear witness against the living

Goblin shamans were the foremost in curse-mongering spirits

Once used by the Machelite Wizards for aid with thier footings on the passes of thier mountain home

I find that halflings tend to hide their armour under their clothes, leaving their opponent unsure how well armoured they are.

The Half Elves seem to have taken the most beneficial traits of the Elves and Humans to make them into skilled runners

I looked deep into his eyes and he looked deep into me, into my very essence

With wings outstretched they took to the sky!

Pah, you call that magic! - Last words of Kliri Xeria

Watch your step about fairy rings. Lest you find that somethings queer. Once you were there and now your here

Oh Manandu! Spare my people from this wretched disease!

Methabeht, I beseech thee!

You’ll have to get that looked at

Ha! Ashtor stands with me this day!

I think we can do better than that

The God of the Hunt blessed this arrow herself


Eat my friends! Eat, everyone!

Mastering the art of sorcery against one target is all well and good, but what about when you are surrounded?

He had lost his mind!

Come forth to me brethren!

Off we go then!

Only those that could withstand the flames could converse with the lord of fire

A guardian must be unwavering when facing an enemy


We will never forget

Instant death with only one shot - of course!

Send your dogs, do your worst! We have a cause to fight for and we will never give in to the likes of you!

The Rangers of Asgarad were known for their prayers to Methabeht

See how it is possible to take the power of Ice Comet and turn it into many?

Your blades will do nothing against that mad mage

Even the creatures of the wild fear them, for they stand at the very top of the food chain

5 years he’s conquered that arena - i don’t see him giving it up any time soon - Joaira Ragepaw

Yeah you! Come on then! - Liak Ragebourne

What’s that over there in the trees? - The last words of James Hammerthorn

With the arrival of the new gods, everything will change - Prophet Envarik

Conflagration, my dear boy - Arcanist Deliar

Yes I’m ready! - Ebonclaw Direrage

Oh yer gonna get it! - Dwarven Battle Cleric Halrak Irontoe

Spells are all good, but what happens when you get into a real fight, mage? - Warrior Guildmaster Tempra Stormhand

Few have spoken of the Burning Circle of Unseen hands, their dark bargains and treacherous deeds are rarely heard of twice

Relax your mind - Enchanter Jyani

Stand your ground!

I give you about, hmm, 3 seconds - Spellweaver Wellan

Steady! Steady! FIRE!

Oh yeah!!!

We must carry on - Nightstalker Rin

I wonder, hmm, yes perhaps this should work

Something a matter with your sword, friend? - Arcanist Losian

Let them run, the poison will run it’s course


Your end shall be my beginning - Xul’Varien

The Duneguard worship tranquility above all

Though your journey shall be long and full of hardship, i will watch over you - Methabeht

Om nom nom nom nom!

Time for a beating boys! - Arngank Terra

Annihalate them all - Captain Bosac

I cannot be moved! - Wraithclaw Savagecry

Your life shall be mine! - Necromancer Teria

Let the power of nature be your wrath - Josiak Rosethorn

It is possible to find your souls true home and return to it at will through translocation - Tresta Reinan

Through manipulation of the soul, we may now advance our research to return others to their souls bound location - Tresta Reinan


I love you Selorian, I always will - King Lerian II

He just stood there like he didn’t feel a thing - Sage Santia Derman

We have to flee Kumari, Now!! - Xiea Veredeth

The shielding provided can be repaired but only with the favour of the divine - Exarch Oliak

It was there that Shenyi faced Hiran Asura’s mightiest generals and slayed them all with his mighty bow - Scholar Aquinas

Once the cold has set in, the pain will eat at you like any other poison - Mial Sirik

Marianas secret is not widely known

Magic can be a force for order or chaos, pupil. which will you choose? - Evoker Xamir

The God of the Hunt directly influences the Ranger as they run faster for a short period of time

As the Ranger becomes more adept, they can use their own stamina pools to rush in or out of danger for a time

The Ranger learns to master their own body, and can force themselves to run at abnormal speeds to better hunt their prey.

You give into the primal instinct of your prey and use their own speed to hunt them in the wild

Intense testing of potion ingredients has allowed the Ranger to blend in with their environment for a short time.

You do not need shields when you have knowledge - Markkar Rae

Your arrow surrounds the prey with a glowing aura, allowing you to track them for a short while

The early Rangers discovered a way to coat their daggers with a minor poison. This poison does not last very long, but it was a step in

Worshippers of Auroris have been known to summon his wrath

Some wizards have mastered the power of striking his enemies with thunder

Wizards of races that live in cold places have the power of casting a ice bolt

The Thunder Strike, like the thunder bolt, strikes Thunder upon their opponent but with increased ferocity

Ignorir, the god of fire has drowned his victims in a cloud of pure fire - The Trials of Liona

The powers he held were unfathomable, the skies would fall at his beckoning - Excerpts of The Proteans

Ashtor has blessed us this day, so raise your bows high rangers! We will shall never fall! - Tyric Stormborn

You have learned to manifest pure cataclysm in your hands student. Use this power wisely. - Archmage Carrack

Magic is but a tool to an end, today you shall learn how to meet your goals - Elder Aandal

Somnus the Shaderider is the God of Shade and Darkness and rules over the Plane of Shade. It is believed Somnus was the lover of Zephyr

I was three times - In the prison of Zuriel. I was in the citadel - With Shana and Alpha. I witnessed the destruction Of all of Esoron.

Whats better than heat? More heat! - Arion Firelance

Despite the chaos Hiran Asura caused, deep within he suffers most of all from regret. This is what fuels his fury

With our extended use of alteration, a theory i call Translocation, we will soon enter the planes of the gods themselves

No more shall you be after my knife is drawn…

I shall not fall when my heart becomes lame! My foes shall not pike me when my own body sags in the trenches of the Under! - Captain Le

It makes my ol’ eyes tear to do this, but it needs teh be done. -Banly Mixxerit

Give ‘em a good sluggin’. They deserve it for challenging you!

The rings of Solinia were built by a now forgotten people, we believe them to be a place of worship

Auroris, look down upon us from the Plane of Sun and save us from this calamity!

Careful! Don’t play with fire!

Hot in here? Or is it just me..?

Do you smoke? Not anymore!

Smoking is bad for your Elf.

Due to the mountanous terrain most of the birdmen of Hoa’Kar live on high

ArchWizard Aerin Starfire mastered the art of translocation and travel most of Solinia. Famous for rediscovering to Alaris

Deep in the south the Underking did wander, coercing all in his path to spite his brother

Stolen the power of coersion he did and with that power he enslaved all in his path - Gobel Sage

Quick! Run to your sobering foe across the woods. Catch up to their measly selves!

A soul is bound always to a location, forever to return even in death

Bai Hu! Mighty spirit god! Aid us this day!

Xuan Wu! Mighty Turtle! Clear me of my wounds!

Behold the trap now lays waiting for the game to fall into - Mysmaal Hunter

Look! The forest is consuming him! - Ranger Misgar

This chestplate was worn by a famous shadow knight

Created in the forges of the Plane of Hate

Assembled by Methabeht himself in the Plane of Nature

A helm blessed by Asthor

A tunic blessed by Asthor

A pair of leggings blessed by Asthor

A pair of boots blessed by Asthor

This orcish armour seems imbued by magic

This armour is covered in runic prayers to Somnus

An exquisitely designed mysmaalian helmet

An exquisitely designed mysmaalian chestplate

Exquisitely designed mysmaalian greaves

Exquisitely designed mysmaalian sabatons

This armour seems to resonate incredible energy

This armour seems to have been corrupted beyond its original use

This armour shimmers softly in the dark

You feel a sense of dread when looking at this corrupted armour

Kura repurposed that ancient arena into a place of death and blood - Gerla NVar

The Mysmaal demand blood to sustain themselves, but all they had were Orcs…

The Mysmaal are cursed by Somnus himself, a pact from ancient days - few remember before then

The Reavers are the elite guard of the mysmaalian royalty

This armour was blessed by Methabeht for Saenheras devotion and kidness

This armour was forged in the fires of the Plane of Truth

Hiran Asura has brought a calamity on Solinia, we must escape - Gabriel Methon

Hiran Asura seeks to bring down the pantheon and so far he has been successful - Evoker Myrfire

So it is settled, the Tinai shall evacuate as many as we can and await our return from Shima

It is a blessing to be invited to join the Storm Callers, few have the ability - High Caller Yuta

Asura! Wretched betrayer! When we return from the Under we shall see to your destruction! - Lord Erebus

Save your words Taliesin, your witchcraft will never be tolerated, how many times must you end up in the cells? - King Zuriel

This armour is so unbelievably fabulous you can barely contain your squeels

Spoken only in legend, the Mythical Cap of Circitor was thought to possess special powers

It was later that night I heared the screams of the soldiers who had ventured into the forest - Ashoal Veredeth

Without the rangers watching over this camp we would be overwhelmed at nightfall - Ashoal Veredeth

It was the whispers from the woods, late at night that drove them completely insane - Ashoal Veredeth

One of the druids who had ventured into the woods was found polluting our water supply - Ashoal Veredeth

Why would the Mysmaal even help us? We need to get away from this place, its nothing but trouble - Rigsy the Bandit

Some of the bandits are building a settlement to the south, we should join them - Arcanist Nlia

So dem humans and darkies wanna join us eh!? - Smasher Urg

Property of Highguard Division 4

Ignorir, God of Fire sits atop the Burning Throne of the Plane of Fire - Archmage Xenir

A necromancer can use its powers to inflict pain on others and sustain itself - Scribe Jira

Our eyes play tricks! Who is there?! - Last words of Melaron Dutra

You will escape? No, already you are feeling weak, tired and helpless - Shadowcaster Xeneran

Your life is mine Harris Shakar! - Renal the Lich

He hovered about his hounds and looked down on his victim, this was their last night and his first meal - Tales of Roan

Admins need to test things

With this spell it is possible to bind a lesser Gialon to ones will - Conjuror Quidish

What use is a living army that must be fed? - Shadowmancer Faydan

The power of the mind is yours to bend now, Enchanter - Coercer Milo

The elements are under our control Bardil, we are Magicians now - Foragal Flamestar

His mastery over conjuration allowed him to summon weapons controlled entirely by magic - The Tales of Sir Graydan

Fire! Burn! Kill them all! - Gobli Firebender

He was quite the pain to travel with, but always useful at mealtime - Bard Wealo Manthir

The objects scattered along the crypt raised around the Archmage as they flung towards the ogre one by one - The Glorin Tales

After the blaze, Sairin Raeborn was never the same, his face scarred and barely recognisable. Hero of the people and none could gaze at

It is said that non could strike him, the blades were his guardians and also him prisoner - Of the Outcast Weron Pyrmancer

They edged closer, the magician raising his hands and the magma of the volcanic crate rose and cooled, making a path for them to cross

This helmet was adorned with an essence of a God in reward to Urstin, the First of the Kings

Tarchari has given us passage with the Orc bandits, it shouldn’t be many nights now - Roa Dusai

When the men failed to find the answer in medicine, they turned to the Gods - High Priest Gunrim

The spirits walk among us in another veil, in the darkest hour may they guide you - Spiritual Horan

I sometimes stare into that blizard at night Manwe, and I see shapes moving in the night - Eranal Olagar

He walked, no more than a stones throw and dropped, absolutely, dead - The Seven Curses of Caleb

The coldest of winters is to come and with it many horrors - Oracle Joli

He looked down, chanting as he would as he mixed that fatal liquid in his bowl - Tales of Winter

The ranger smiled at his competitor and gave wink before dissapearing into the forest - The Rangers of Halcron

A unit by itself is strong but when led by a Paladin they are far more capable - Stratregist Jiral

We were doomed, I know it. But then he nealt and mutters some ancient words. I dont know how we made it out of there - Tsiyon Newspaper

None could stand in their way, they were on a crusade that no king nor hero could stop - The Crusades of Yamin

We got passage on the Eye of the Storm to some Orc village in the Thundering Sea - Heia Mil

The Eye of the Storm is the ship the bandits have anchored in the south coast, we make our way tommorow - Roai Turin

The cell had been unlocked in the night, by who we do not know my lord - Jailmaster Potis

Balrud is lost, we are now at the mercy of the Mysmal - Guard Hunon

We must secure the north before those THINGS break through our defenses! - Guard Amruel

We stand forever, united against that which brings our end - Last Days of the Silent City Watch

The city shall fall and with it I shall finally rid this land of the medelling Eusebians - Corruptor Gyle

The Blackthorn Archers marched into the valley of Somnerog unto thier final doom

A pale shadow crawls at the Silent City, soon they shall breathe no more - Arch Lich Kyrix

It is the 4th day since I discovered the ruins here, it seems a civilisation existed some time ago - Scholar Erian

Hold him down! What is he blathering about, what ruins?! Speak man! - Captain Reian

It is here in the blistful towers of the Silent City that we study lost Proto Human texts - Sage Viria

Great was the honour of the Palguehealers. They tried so hard but even they fell to the Putrid death..in the worst way. ~Dorn Meardric

Mausnu came to exorcise the evil in the dredd valley but was taken by them, never to return

The Somnerog fell that night to the hordes of the cruel knight - Tales of the Silent City

Halira! Wretched Banshee of the Sands! No druid are you!

They cowered in the basement as the Ooze seeped in above them…

Quickly, to the basement! Come children!

Doom! We are cursed and fallen!

Come, we must go, now! I have summoned a fury to avenge us! Now flee! - Arch Wizard Holira Starfire

The source of his power, the visions given by non other than Yeadra the Betrayer

And do you think we can change? Is there no other path, my beloved sister? The Legend of the Banshee

She was enthralled, it was a love that would see her doom - Myths and Legends of The Thundering Sea

A gift, from my sister for our wedding my love, x - Yeadra

Ssshh, sleep now, its over - Coercer Drial

Sends your pet after a target

Actions can be forgiven, over time - Judge Moa

You must concentrate if you wish to study with the Council of Four - Master Kiran

The body is crippled by a mind that cannot keep itself in balance - Coercer Asdaroth

It is just a wolf, what will it do? Report us to the authorities? Hiria the Thief

The Coercer can convince the mind of a mortal that they are something they are not - Coercer Harathon

This armour seems to be missing the trainee

Taxicost and lycan! A plague on us all! We must burn them! Notes of the Mysmaal Inquisition of 1511LD

The Redscar are a legendary band of thieves scattered all over Solinia

It is not just poisons, but the darkness itself that will devour our enemies - Archlich Merliklar

This is no natural death, it was poison! The Trial of Raezn

Somnus, I beseach thee

This armour seems to resonate dark magic

There are many locked in our cells Taliesin, do you wish to spend the rest of your life with the likes of them?

The dead are risen and approaching our walls all under the command of that fallen knight and his obimination of a lover - Last Days of

Granted for exceptional service

The head of a Witch

This bag seems to contain pieces of a blade


Malaron, i trust you know what to do when my courier delivers this. Everyone is ready.

This item was awarded for exceptional service

This is the seal of the Bluelight Paladins

Until such time as the Book is read, we shall forever protect your secrets - Page 2, Oath of the Blue Light

Until such time as the Book is read, we shall forever protect your secrets

Food Supplies

Head of Joseph Mirleaf

Unusually, this locket has a loose moon shaped object inside it

This backpack contains rations, a note and some warm childrens clothes

This chest contains meroei food supplies

This sword is adorned by the symbol of Hammerfield

The Oshira travelled most of Solinia on their campaign to conquer the Gods

The egg is warm

Holding this sword fills you with overwhelming rage

Undergate Specialty

A Common Bar Stool

By Ilria G’Ril

It is said the blood of a taxicost can be used to imbue weaponry which would damage vampires and werewolfs alike

This coin is stamped with the seal of Undergate

The Meroei spread like a cancer, if we are to conquer the surface we must irradicate their nest, enslave Hammerfield

You see your name scrawled in the paperwork

This weapon seems very old and has some damage. Red glowing glyphs adorn the blade and appear to be decipherable

A bow of testing

This mythical item was believed to have been forged during the time of the Proto Human Empire

Strength, unbridled can match any magic - Xio Shun

A mythical spell used by the legendary druid Circitor

This is a unique artifact to Solinia!

This is a rare item from the XunShi Trading Company

A special reward from an unknown person

This weapon seems very old, glowing glyphs adorn the blade and appear to be decipherable

His experimentations finally reaped a reward, making Rennegon the first Shadow Knight to reap a soul

The dead walk again! I have seen it with my eyes! He is no priest, he is a terror! - Tales of the Templars

The inquisition!! Run you idiots! - Last words of a Heretic

Your actions are an affront to all that is holy! In the name of your god I command you to cease! - Last days of the Inquisition

What is an army against us 4? We have the gods on our side! - Calif Blacktide

The bandits are in collusion with the Orcs of The Thundering Sea. We are investigating the matter further - Mysmaal Informer Note

Taliesin came to us, speaking words of a prophecy. We naturally played along but we thought you would need to know - Vicar Garafen

Mausnu has been lost, there is little we can do now, the valley is gone - Priest Urian

The gate sits in the center, i am certain it will open an entry way to the Plane of Rage - Misira Valen

This chestplate illuminates with the power of the Plane of Fire!

This is a crafting component

Forged in the Plane of Nature this Blade was once granted to Raen Flamewalker the legendary Druid

This item is made the razer of a fallen oshira

A legendary blade used in the last days of the City of Esoron, wielded by General Drixdr of the armies of Hiran Asura

For exceptional service

This spell book is filled with drawnings of unusual items

This item has been magically fused by a specialist

With this infusion incantation, simply holding the ore in my hand I can infuse it into a phantasmal ingot

One part mold, four parts ingot has resulted in a success, phantasmal armour!

My work lifes work is a success! One part armour, one part essence, one part pure mana!

Once again a breakthrough - 1 part mold, 1 part wood, 2 part ingot

It seems swords can also be enhanced with essence, 1 part sword, 1 part essence, 1 part pure mana!

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