The Valley of Elysia

The Valley of Elysia

The Valley of Elysia

The Valley of Elysia

It is said in the beginning there was nothing but a vast endless sea of unbroken darkness in which a god as ageless as time swam, lighting its way with vast jewel like suns. On its journey the god did stumble upon the barren landscape of a now dead star lying upon its center it did see a bright blue lake of incredible beauty glistening with astral magic of the wisps that flickered above it

It is here in the Valley of Elysia where life first emerged on Solinia. The Valley is revered even by the Gods and guarded by faithful Satyrs

Places of Interest


The city of Xhier’Thal is home to the Satyrs of Elysia, here you will find churches to first prime elemental pantheon and many gods of nature. It is the embodiment of nature and is part of the main entrance into the Valley of Elysia which the Satyrs guard fearcly

Though the city is surrounded by forest, the wispen lights that hang from the trees light up the whole city with all manner of illuminous colours which accentuate the lush greens and earthy browns of the worlds most ancient forest

The Xhier’Thal people are humble in their way of life, with tents and huts as their homes, they strive to stay as close to nature as possible but show worship through their many dances, rituals and statues of legendary satyrs, fauns, centuars and other creatures of nature

Tomb of Aataltal

Here a sacred golden tomb lays in center of a forest, it is believed that Aataltal returned to Solinia and spent the rest of his life here in the Valley. The Satyr finally laid him to rest and placed this tomb temple here in his honour

Halistros Fall

This mountainous peak is the only place in the valley where life is completely absent. It is said that it is here that Halistro placed a curse on Solinia and true evil entered into the world - The Satyrs strictly forbid anyone from visiting this place

Lake Elysia

The holiest place on Solinia, the lake is said to glisten in the light of the moon and the magical lights of the wisps dance along its surface. Only the satyrs may drink from this lake, or on occasion the gods themselves when they return to pay homage the first

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