Plane of Trade

Plane of Trade

Plane of Trade


A realm of the Gods ruled by Alorn the Artisan - also known as The Forge City of Amirith


The city of Amirith sits at the boundaries between many other realities and welcomes nearly every known type of entity in the mortal planets and planes. Trade rules the city, and due to the infinite destractions brought with vast wealth and endless material choices, there is little need for racial tensions. Instead the city finds itself more at war among the great organisations and factions that slide upwards and downwards on the economic ladder that powers the cities commercial engines

Alorn the Artisan

Alorn rules over the The Forge City of Amirith and is found working endless goods and weapons in the planar forges deep below the city. Alorn rarely meets with other inhabitants of the city - instead his will and order is maintained through the products he creates and their effect on those that use them. The items has has forged can, and have, changed the course of many lives on Solinia and the Planes of the Gods


There are many organisations that are present within the city including

The Great Ocean Trading Company

Xunshi Trading Company

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