Tarakan is possibly the very first civilised city that existed on Solinia but eventually fell and was rupurposed contain a great power The Tomb of Hiran Asura was created to contain a fallen Tinai that was responsible for the destruction of all life on Solinia. The tomb itself was built by Kali/The Weaver to be inaccessible by all living creatures It was finally opened by Python, the storm dragon, during the last days of Kumari This Tomb is often referred to as the Vault of the Fallen by many scholars of Solinia It currently lays a crumbling sandstone ruin of its former self, laid amongst the deserts of Solinia

The Arrival of the Dragons

In the early days of the Mythological age the Dragons settled in the region known as Valum Vaton in the far north western lands of Kumari. Here at the foot of Mount Enlil (the largest mountain range on Solinia) they built several cities and shrines to their god Eriadar each city symbolising different aspects of dragon culture When the earliest dragons took to the skies and crossed the seas they discovered and became intruiged by the ingenuity and bravery of the many other smaller races of Solinia. After careful observation and many years of discussion among the great leaders of the dragon cities it was decided that the dragons shall watch over these creatures and guide their rise to power

The Gift of Magic

On the year 503 AOA, the golden dragon Dok’a’ta led a diplomatic expedition to the cities of the Kelderan and Dal and offered each race a dragon which would remain and watch over their people. As a token of trust it was agreed the Dragons would slowly train them in the mystical arts of magic and in return the Kelderan and Dal would open trade with the dragons and and agree that war will never guide them on their rise to greatness. The two races agreed and the Pact of the Exarak was signed on a monument which would last throughout the ages

The City of Tarakan

During the years that followed several Dal and Kelderan returned with the dragons to Kumari and settled on the shores of the land. A great trade city was constructed by the Dragons in 1658 known as Tarakan which the Dal and Kelderan were permitted to visit for trade and study. As dictated by The Law of Eriadar, the dragons were never permitted to breed among different colours and types of dragon. Tarakan was one of the first cities of the dragons that permitted different elements and types of dragons to inhabit simultaneously. The Kelderan and Dal brought with them rare artifacts, lost texts, spices and other curiosities of the world beyond the shores of Kumari and trade and knowledge sharing between the two races were at its height during this era. Dok’a’ta with the success of his diplomacy and ruled over Tarakan as it’s King for many years The city itself was built into several quarters of pyramidal style architecture. The White Mount sat at it’s center which housed the leadership of Tarakan. Far atop its peak lay the holiest Temple to Eriadar. Its central areas lay the hatchery and homes of the dragons. Deep below the White Mount lay the crypts and tombs of long dead dragons and other notable Kelderan and Dal which had migrated to the lands years earlier. The White Mount also contained the Symposium where leaders of the known world could discuss matters of great importance which they could seek advice from the Dragons and shape and guide the future in peace The Arcanium and the Great Library was the second largest district which contained many tomes of the dragons, Dal and Kelderan alike. Many scholars from around the world came to study here and some believe that the origins of the magician school of magic started here under the tutelage of the fire, earth, water and air dragons. Far below the Arcanium lay the Vault of Xeldidar (Nb: Xeldidar was a storm dragon and Arch Mage/leader of the Arcanium). Here contained many powerful and long lost artifacts thought to be either too precious to lose or too dangerous for mortals at this time The Crystal Tower was the third largest area of Tarakan and was the main hub for non-dragon outsiders. Here under the see-through gleaming dome of the pyramid the sun cast its light over the large city that had been constructed inside a virtual paradise of running waterfalls, forests, vegatation and kelderan stonework sought fit to please the many traders who found their home here (some permanently). Here the dragons taught many new and unique methods of forging and working fantastical materials under the tutelage of some of the dragons most respected artisans such as Celudar. Many shops and homes surrounded the dock that lay in the center of the pyraimd where trade passed to and from the connecting river that fed trade in and out of the city to the ocean lands of the east. The laws of the Crystal Tower were overseen by a female Dal named Alanis Elir who acted as the cities Govener

7836 BC - The Cataclysm

The period known as the Dead Age was preceded by a world wide event known as The Cataclysm and was triggered by the arrival of a God outside of Solinias Pantheon. The Weaver’s Avatar known as Hiran Asura led a campaign which resulted in the genocide of the majority of Solinias life and even took so far as to the destruction of large amounts of the Pantheon. It is not known why the Dragons were spared from this wrath, but some believe it may be due to the Weavers fear of the dragon god Eriadar During this time the Dragons were forced to abandon Tarakan leaving with the traders knowledge of a place known as the Under with the remainder of the population. It is thought some of the descendents of the Dal and Kelderan found their way to the Gates of Id’Kura and lived throughout the Dead Age in this vast inhospitable land far below Solinia

152 DA - The Repurposing of the Vault

The Dead age was a time of brimstone and ash, the lands of Solinia lay in ruin. Happy with the chaos the Weaver had caused she departed from Solinia and Hiran Asura fell into an eternal rest. The dragons took this opportunity to bring Solinia back from the brink of destruction and took to the skies to wipe out the great armies that had followed Hiran Asura on his campaign of destruction. Many of the most ancient dragons, including Xeldidar and Dok’a’tar fell during this campaign and although the Asurans were not completely wiped out they were pushed back enough to never pose a problem for Solinia again. The body of Hiran asura was taken by the storm dragon Asag (nb:son of Xeldidar) to the abandoned city of Tarakan and he was laid to rest in the Vault far below the Arcanium and four dragons were placed over his care to ensure he was never woken again

22395 AE - Python opens the Vault

Python was an ancient Storm Dragon who turned against his kind and attempted to destroy all dragons and their capital, Valum Vaton . He is credited with the creation and enslavement of the Half Dragon race according to recovered texts and was believed to have been slain in combat by the mythological figure Sigurd and ancient dragon Asag. It is known that Python was eventually given the curse of darkness by an Unknown Mysmaal. Python finally fell at the far below the the city of New Highguard on Kumari after being mortally wounded by the Kumari civilians at which point he sacrificied himself to release the ancient seal on the Vault of the Fallen which resulted in the total destruction of the Kumari continent.

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