Cal’Drin was an Eastern Lands Caerthian outpost which is believed to have it’s origins from some unknown race

Cal’Drin was particularly important in the history of the Mysmaal as it is said in texts of Saint X’Lron that Somnus the God of Shade visited the Caerthians and offered them the gift of Immortality

Scholars believe that Cal’Drin’s original name was Val’Elsir and belongs to a race of unknown origin due to it’s unique gothic style which was later adopted by the Mysmaal on their return from the Plane of Shadow

In particular the throne that was located in the ruins of Val’Elsir was adopted as a symbol of authority for the newly formed dynasty that would rule over the Mysmaal Kingdom following their seperation from their original Caerthian brothers


Historic documents stored within the catacombs associate the original city (Val’Elsir) as being inhabitted by a race which worshipped The Weaver. It is known that the city was one of many that sat within a Moon that orbitted an unknown planet. The moon was in perpetual darkness due to it’s peculiar orbit around the planet and it’s people were known to be extremely gifted magic users who never saw sunlight.

During the events of Genesis it is believed The Weaver brought the Moon crashing through space and into the planet of Solinia causing massive devestation to the early world and it’s people. Very few members of the race survived, the city of Val’Elsir is one remaining artifact of the this lost people.

Some tales say that the deep hole in which The Anchor which binds the past and present lays is directly over the massive hole caused by this moon colliding with Solinia

Notable Figures


It is speculated that Shai’Din is the last member of this unknown race that inhabitted Val’Elsir due to a hidden workshop found deep within the bowls of the old city

Terrath Val’Elsir

Believed to be the first Mysmaal to take the dynastic name of Val’Elsir. The leader of the planar invasion force against the Oshira in the Plane of Shadow


A captured Oshira from the Plane of Shadow

Archivist Woe’Din

This ghost still wanders the library of the old city

Keeper of the Dawnblade

The Dawnblade was found in the crypts of the old city and was held by Terrath Val’Elsir during the invasion of the Plane of Shadow. It is protected by The Keeper and may only be wielded by Val’Elsir dynasty

Prophet Vel’Ire

On the return from the Plane of Shadow, Exarch Vel’Ern was responsible for the conversion from the religion of Sol’Azul to Somnus as the primary deity of the newly formed Mysmaal

Ghost of Prince Ra’Ern

Following the return of the Caerthians from the Plane of Shadow a civil war took place between the tainted children of Somnus and their Caerthian kin. Prince Ra’Ern was the leader of the Loyalist faction who ultimately fell to the Dawnblade


The Hero Kael Sor’Myr is said to have been responsible for the death of a thousand Oshira in the battle for the Plane of Shadow, on his return to Cal’Drin he was venerated as a demi god among his people

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