Nasudana is home to the Gialon an elemental race hailing from The Temple of Syfyr. The Vishim have also recently made their home here and have settled the town of Aldwynne to the East of Silverwyn lake. Many Vishim diviners travel here for the strange visions that are given to them in the waters as well as the unsual healing properties that the island holds.
History This continent has clearly been home to another race that appears to have abandoned it some centuries ago as proven by the presence of Agartha as well as the giant Exarak Monument. The Gialon have little interest in the structure (or are withholding information from others) and the Vishim are still attempting to uncover more information since most of it is fallen and buried deep underground. Leaving just the architecture for investigation and the real treasures out of reach. It will take some time to uncover all of it’s secrets and the Vishim have sent considerable archaelogists to uncover more. However, some artifacts of note depicting what appear to be events in history have been recovered and are on display in Ravenholme. Some believe that the Hoakan’s once originated from this location, leaving due to some invading race. Evidence has been found by the Vishim of a lost civilisation but no invading army.
Transport Links A small dock has been setup just south of Aldwynne which is used to export some resources and for visitors.
Locations of Interest Mt. Syfyr Aldwynne Agartha The Temple of Syfyr The Exarak Monument
Threats This island is mostly a spiritual sanctuary and even the Gialon, who are known to have quite a temper, are accepting of outsiders (so long as they stay out of their business).


Nasudana is entirely covered in forest, except for the north eastern mountains surrounding The Temple of Syfyr. This place is also home to an inactive Volcano which the Gialon seem to have a natural affinity to and worship it as a god.

Flora & Fauna

Many rare flowers can be found in the forests which are often used as perfumes and for some herbal remedies

A large proportion of birds, woodland creatures and earth elementals. Some fire elementals can also be found near the volcano but they do not seem to venture much further. However, this has not always been the case the Vishim have discovered many burned sections of the forest that appear to have regrown at a rapid rate.

Natural Resources

This continent is home to many unusual forms of metal and stone which are mostly exported to Westhaven by the Vishim.

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