The Tower of Mysma

The Tower of Mysma

The Tower of Mysma

Home to the vampiric Mysmaal None travel here except fool-hardy treasure hunters hoping to recover ancient artifacts. However all they will find here is undeath or something worse
History Not much is known about the tower or it’s people. The tower itself is certainly from before the cataclsym however it’s people may not be. Mysma acts as a breeding ground for vampires and a house for other loyal undead that act as servents to the residents which have mastered the dark arts. Mysma has been documented as being present during and long before the city of Eusebes was ruined. It is believed to have been once a religious structure that served some purpose to a long lost race but little can be confirmed without venturing deep into the infested citadel
Locations of Interest The tower itself The pit of the dead
Threats Significant undead and vampire presence.


The base of the tower is surrounded by undead inside a giant bone filled pit, there are no other life forms to be found here


Located to the far north of the swamps of Scheria this age old tower looms over the land and is a landmark for any to avoid.

Natural Resources

Significant amount of magically unfused bone can be found in the pit that surrounds the tower.

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