The Himapan Forest

The Himapan Forest

The Himapan Forest

Home to a number of mythological creatures such as centaurs and rare birds. It is a place of nature and growth and some believe blessed by forgotten gods. However there are no civilisations here as such except the city of Meropis which lies to the far north.
Transport Links The only means of entering and leaving this area is through a tunnel that leads directly to the swampland of Scheria. This is heavily guarded by the centaurs who take great pride in their holy land.
Locations of Interest The Everliving Flower The entrance to Meropis
Threats All life here is relatively peaceful unless you are found to be tainting or desecrating their holy land.
History This land and it’s inhabitants are believed to outdate even the ancient city of Euesebes. The Meropii who live here left eusebes to find a home among the positive life forces of the continent. Over time the village of Meropis grew into the gigantic white stoned citadel it is today and it dedicates itself to peace and growth and has held off many invasions from the Kandam Empire thanks to a shaky alliance with the local centaurs.


The forest is situated deep into the mountains of Scheria and is split into 3 main areas all containing a wild variety giantatic mushrooms, trees and ancient tree roots that twist around the terrain. The land itself is smothered in lush growth and flowers aided by the many streams and waterfalls that run through the area as well as the dedicated care of the land by the local centaurs

Flora & Fauna

Many plants and flowers can be found here to make all manner of cures and perfumes although any resources taken should always have permission blessed by the local inhabitants less you anger them and their gods.

Many wildlife including a variety of rare birds, some peaceful apes and many white horses

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