Once a home to the ancient people of Eusebes and the now ruined city of Kitezh this land is mostly covered in swamps. However to the south there are relatively fertile lands among the ruins of the once great Eusebean capital. Scheria itself is now home to bandits and other swamp life as well as the various warring factions of Alcor. Also to note should be the tower of Mysma, home to the ancient vampires of this forest and the many undead that surround the tower rising high above the pit where they make their home. Strangely, far north of the Mysma can be found an area covered in complete ice where some believe is home to a white ice dragon. Most believe this is myth as many dare not tread near the tower of the vampires let alone further north.
History Once home to the great city of Eusebes the people here eventually segmented into five tribes due to some forgotten event. Kitezh eventually rose to replace Euesebes but eventually was destroyed by the Kandam Empire. The Tower of Mysma is said to have existed here since any can remember and has always been an area of danger to any race travelling through the northern swamplands.
Transport Links The northern regions are directly next to the ocean but due to the hostile undead and vampires none have managed to enter. The only real way to enter into Scheria is through the ruins of Kitezh far on the east of the continent.
Locations of Interest The Tower of Mysma The Undead Pit The Ruins of Eusebes The Ruins of Kitezh The Kitezhen Pyramid
Threats Most creatures here are extremely dangerous and poisonous. However the greatest risk is most definately from the vampires, undead and giants to the north.


The majority of Scheria is covered in swamp lands apart from the fertile lands to the south where lie the ruins of Eusebes. The area itself is home to two mountains, one east and one west. Each mountain provides a underground network of caves that lead to The Himapan Forest (west) and Virumaa (east).

To the south lies a large lake where Eusebes and it’s farmlands once lay. All this is now ruins.

Flora & Fauna

Reptiles, bog slogs, snakes, undead, vampires and some giants.

Natural Resources

Many poisons and unusual plant life can be found in this area. Also a large number of reptiles and undead. Bone armour, Leather armor and the likes are common here. Some tried to recreate the once ancient farmlands far to the south but eventually failed.

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