Crown of Andvari

Crown of Andvari

Dusted Tome

The Crown of Andvari has been the subject of many Eusebian legends and is said to have granted it’s wearer vast riches beyond their imagination and tonight the Scholars of the libraries of Landing have brought this topic to the table once more

‘Gentlemen, I wish to bring to you information regarding the Crown of Andvari based on the following…’ the old scholar clears his throat and slams open an ancient and creaky tome as he begins to read out loud ‘And here did I look over my now burning kingdoms, had I known I would have left that cursed crown in the pyramid where I found it, for vast riches has it brought me but only chaos has it sown amongst my people. Only now do I realise how paranoid I had become in those days – each night scared even my closest friends would take it from me. My people of …’ the scholar speaks loudly, as if making a point of the next words ‘Tawis Karon’ will return to their humble roots and be rid of this lust for wealth and power’

The scholar closes the book, and coughs heavily, years of Kumari Perique taking it’s toll on him ‘And so we see mention of the island we now stand – I conclude that, solely for the purposes of research and confirmation of this myth, that we begin our search for this crown at once’

The aged oracle and scholars look amongst each other and nod, the search would begin tonight

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