Dusted Tome

Dusted Tome

Dusted Tome

This dusted tomb contains the religious teaching of Sol’Azul and the origins of the Caerthian empire - you notice a particular piece of text of interest.


Saint X’Lron rose before the crowd baking below the glorious eye of our protector Sol’Azul.

‘Let it be known to all of our Kin! We, the blessed of he, once spanned the forgotten lands of the east in the time of the sixteenth dynasty of Ra’Ern - children of the sun we once were but the green lands of the lower men we had conquered, bringing the light of him to all people of the earth.

Along the frontier our people rose great cities with cathedrals that stretched into the skies. So wonderous were our icons brought the attention of the lesser god of shadow who spoke of our unstoppable devotion to all that is right in the eyes of Sol’Azul.

He spoke at length of a challenge that lay before our people that was so great the very fabric of the planes could crumble should we not intervene on behalf of our lord.

There at the gates of Cal’Drin did the shadow being grant life etern…. ‘

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