Blade of Ashiri

Blade of Ashiri

Blade of Ashiri

The Ashri Blade is a legendary artifact which was split into many shards, in ages past. From the start of the modern era, it is believed to have been wielded by the Euesebian mythological character Ashri.

For centuries, the most knowledgeable scholars have studied the texts that speak of this blade but few have located and studied any of it’s components. Although its whereabouts are currently unknown, throughout history it has appeared in stories and tales of many different races

Because of it’s mythological status some believe it to be a fantasy but those in possession of these shards know the truth. It is far from a legend.

The Vishim travelled to Taon centuries ago seeking the blade after studying Meroei texts though no one is sure if they were successful in their endevour.

A fragment of the blade is still in the possession of the Chunel who pass this item from leader to leader as a symbol of power and respect to their ancestor Eshu.


Eusebian Tales

The Ashri Blades first appearance is in the early writing of eusebian scholars which tell of the theft of the Ashri Blade.

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