Tutorial for Tutorial

Tutorial for Tutorial

Since the tutorial is for Adventurers, this guide will assume you have spoke to the Adventurer NPC and entered the Tutorial

This guide is for new players who are struggling with the tutorial

You must have the MOD to complete this guide. You can download it from here

Please read the signs before reading this guide as they contain more information that may help you understand more about game This guide is solely for the actions required to complete the tutorial and nothing more Walk to the NPC and right click over them, the npc will be highlighted white and show in your target window on the right of your screen Press the H button to highlight them or type HAIL The npc will send a message to you, and you can ask them questions about words that are in pink, type back to the npc what is my purpose The npc will now give you more text based on your question, ask them further questions about the new pink words What is my own world Again ask more about the Pink words Who is the betrayer   Ask her more about how to undo what she has done How do I undo what she has done Tell her I will go back to my reality You have now been teleported to the next area of the tutorial   Find the NPC Loa and Hail her by targeting her and pressing H or typing hail Ask her about the realm What realm Loa would like you to look through her SHOP and see if you can find the book that is about the world you come from The book you are expected to give her is Solinia   Target Loa and type SHOP to open the shop interface Left click on the Solina book and then left click it on the bottom area, you will buy the book You can now close the shop window with escape Now hail Loa again and you will receive a line that says you can give her the book, click on this line Once you give her the line she will send you to a different NPC which will help you recover your strength Hail Great Gish by targeting him and pressing H (or type Hail) He is expecting you to bring a tribute, go around the corner and find the NPC and kill it. Bring his head back to Gish To attack an NPC you will need to right click the NPC so he is in your target window, you can toggle auto attack with the Z button by default (see your keybinds)   Auto attack the Bullywug until he dies and give you a head Hail Great Gish and give him the Bullgwug head by clicking on the yellow line Tell great gish I will continue on my path He will now send you to an NPC who will help you learn magic to return home Head to the NPC named Cailleach in the center of the room Target her and hail her Ask her about simple thing to begin with Say What simple thing She now tells you to buy a spell from her shop Target her and say shop to open the shop window Left click the throw stone spell and left click it into your inventory at the bottom

Now you have the spell you will need to store it in your spellbook Open your inventory and Pick up the spell Drop the spell into the spell book in the top right   Now close your inventory and open your spellbook with the K button You will see one spell in your spell book You will need to memorise your spell to use it. You can memorise up to 8 spells at once Left click the spell you want to memorise Now left click on one of the 1-8 slots It will now appear in your top left for you to quick cast with ALT-1 to ALT-8   Now target one of the Elemental Minions and press ALT-1 or the appropriate number for the slot you chose to memorise the spell in You will see the casting bar on the right go up and the npc will be hit by a spell The spell is a low damage spell so you may find auto attacking easier to kill the NPC Once the NPC is dead he will drop an elemental head Go back to Cailleach and give her the head by targeting her, hailing her then clicking the give button   Cailleach will now give you a spell Add the spell to your spellbook Memorise it as before   Target yourself with CTRL-1 Cast the spell with ALT-8 or whatever spell slot number you placed it in to leave the tutorial and start the main game Note you will see the casting bar on the right slowly casting the spell

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