Primary Stats

There is no one perfect way to set up an individual character class. Much of it depends on your playing style, your preferences and the decision you make as to how you want your character to make his or her way through the world. Below are the basic descriptions of how the stats affect the characters.

Strength (STR)

Affects: Attack Power (see “ATK”), Bow Damage

*Max (hard-cap): 255

Strength is a valuable stat for melee and tank characters to increase both their max and average hit of damage.

Stamina (STA)

Affects: Hit Points (see “HP”)

*Max (hard-cap): 255

Stamina is very valuable for tanks to increase maximum hit points. It’s also somewhat valuable to other classes for the same reason.

Agility (AGI)

*Max (hard-cap): 255

Agility influences the ability of an enemy to hit you. Above 75, the AC provided for each Agility is slight. Below 75 agility causes a large AC hit. For example, on a level 60 ogre SK, going from 76 to 85 AGI provides 3 AC. But going from 66 to 75 AGI provides 45 AC.

Dexterity (DEX)

Affects: Bard Song missed notes; Procs, Crits.

*Max (hard-cap): 255

This determines how often you crit with your weapons, how quickly you learn weapon and rogue skills, and how often a magic weapon will process its skill. This is a good skill to have for fighters, especially warriors, rangers, rogues and of only limited use for magic users.

Wisdom (WIS)

Affects: Caster mana amount (mana pool) for Clerics, Paladins, Druids, Shamans and Rangers

*Max (hard-cap): 255 *Soft-cap: 200

Intelligence (INT)

Affects: Caster mana amount (mana pool) for Necromancers, Magicians, Enchanters, Wizards, Shadowknights & Bards*

*Max (hard-cap): 255 *Soft-cap: 200

Charisma (CHA)

Affects: Charming (ENC/BRD only)

*Max (hard-cap): 255

Secondary Stats

Armor Class (AC)

Armor Class as a whole is divided into two parts. The first determining how hard you get hit and the other when you will be hit.

The first part of the AC is “mitigation AC” which is calculated from the worn AC you gain from your gear, Defense skill, and it is assumed spells.

The other part of AC is the “avoidance AC” which is defined by your Defense skill and your AGI stat.

Max (cap): None

Soft-cap (raw ac/worn ac): Level * 6 + 25 This only applies to characters level 50 or below.

Attack Power (ATK)

Attack, is a statistic used to compare against an opponent’s AC. It is based on your Weapon Skills and Offense. While these are two parts of a whole they do differing things independently. Weapon skills will determine if you miss an opponent and Offense increases your to-hit in theory.

When compared against an opponent’s Mitigation AC it is further added to by the Strength stat and +ATK mods on items or from spells.

Max (cap): None

Hit Points (HP)

Sometimes known as “health”, a player’s HP determines how much damage you can sustain before dying.

Max (cap): None

Hit points can be increased directly through +HP gear, or indirectly through +STA gear, or temporarily through HP enhancing spells like the Cleric’s symbol line and the Shaman’s talisman line of spells.

Mana (MANA)

A player’s mana pool determines how many spells you can cast. Mana is increased directly through equipment, through WIS for priests, rangers and paladins, and through INT for casters, shadowknights and bards.

Max (cap): None

There are Buff_Lines#Mana_Regeneration| many spells that enhance the rate of mana regeneration, which are always prized by casters.

There is also a single Enchanter line of spells that increases maximum mana directly, and another Enchanter line to increase Intelligence, as well as two spell lines which increase Wisdom, and both will increase mana indirectly.


A player’s resistances determine the chance for negative spells to be resisted by the player and the damage they deal. The resistance type being checked is determined by the specific spell that is being cast. Resistances can be raised or lowered through beneficial or harmful spells and certain gear.

The five resists types are:

  • Poison
  • Magic
  • Disease
  • Fire
  • Cold

Tertiary statistics==

Damage Per Second (DPS)

:“See also: Haste Guide”

Affects: Melee & Caster Damage dealt over time; Weapon Ratio.

Weapon Ratio

Affects: DPS

Formula: (Weapon Damage / Weapon Delay) = Ratio

Example: (18 / 27) = 0.666 DPS


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