New Player Guide

New Player Guide



If you have reached this page then you have probably just joined our server and are wondering how to play! First, welcome! Second, this guide is always changing so be sure to come back regularly!

If you arent on our server yet you can join:

When you need help this page cant give

Just ask our players in ooc with /o [your message here] - even if nobody is online it is connected to Discord so someone will likely get back to you!

Our Map

Welcome to Utra! Your new home for your time visiting us!

Picking a class and race

The first thing you will be hit with is the race/character selection screen. This is very comprehensive if you have our mod, if not it will fall back on a basic book selection system. Do not worry about what you pick, you can always change your character later by just typing /opencharactercreation again (there is a min time wait of 15 minutes)

If you want a bit more background information on Playable races and classes see Classes and Races

When you have picked your race and class you will need to decide which type of player you are

Two Types of Play

We currently cater for two types of players, Roleplayers and RPG players!

For roleplayers, which is mainly socialisation and creative building - you will simply be able to get straight to it

For adventurers/rpg players, its a bit more complicated as you need to install our Mod for the best type of play (it has target bars, spell systems, pet controls, auto attack that wasnt possible with just a plugin)

Our resource pack

We have a resource pack that is a customised version of Conquest. It lets you see custom appearance items we use for classes. You dont have to have it, but really its very beautiful if you do. You can download it here:

Download the Resource Pack from


Make a choice

Below we will go into more detail of the two types of players. If you are not interested in building or roleplaying, you can skip straight to adventuring

Roleplaying Path


If you are a roleplayer, you will have dropped straight onto our mob free building zone in a small village with some npcs and a boat. Getting close to any NPC and right clicking will target it. Type HAIL to introduce yourself to the npc. Any words it says in purple you can type back to it. Some npcs have shops you can access by typing SHOP or bankers with BANK

Building in our World

The area you start out in is made specifically for player building. Just walk a little beyond the npc area and you will find you can break blocks

A large portion of our map is reserved for world content and we have several locations earmarked for public builds. You can protect these areas with towny. However, if you would prefer to live somewhere else that is protected, please give our staff a shout on discord and we will open up any area of the world so long as it doesnt affect roleplay, npc content or aesthetics.

World Setting

You are able to see the specific date you are in by typing /today in chat and the name of the day and date will come up.

Day and night cycles on Solinia are roughly ¼ that of a Real life one (24hrs) This is very useful for Roleplaying effectively and Remembering Births/Deaths too.

The current content setting is Utra, within the The Severed Isles, you can find more information about this region of the world by clicking here:

You are also able to see map of the Severed Isles and your location on it, by going onto the website and clicking dynmap


For the purpose of roleplay, please see our gods - You can set the god you worship with /setgod Gods

Try to stay in character

When roleplaying try not to break out of character, we know it’s not possible to stop this, so when you need to break out of character just put two brackets before and after your message eg “(( Sorry guys, I got to go in 10 minutes ))” instead of “ I’ve to go in 10 minutes ” ( in character ). Alternatively use /ooc command

Racial languages

Each race of Solinia speak a unique language that cannot be understood by foreigners. By default your character will speak your racial tongue in /local RP chat As you hear more of another racial tongue you will eventually be able to understand it and even speak it by toggling your racial tongue with the /language command

Languages augment roleplay and allow unique tense scenarios where players of another land may not understand the secret words you are saying to your allies - get out there and travel the lands to learn more of them!


Also when physically doing something in roleplay use an emote to perform your action ie: /me picks up the empty vase, and inspects it closely

Leave it up to random!

Use the /dice to add some randomness to your roleplay

Consult the gods

Tarot has guided the kings of Solinia for as long as they have existed. Leave your decisions up to the /tarot command next time you have to decide something difficult

Finding Players

You can also see all players online with the command /who all

Making money without adventuring

You can sell vanilla minecraft items at any vendor of these types:


With inspiraton points you can also buy things from the /inspiration shop which you can sell for money! See the /inspiration command and its subcommands

Protecting an area

You cannot build in the town area of the npcs, but walk enough out and you will find the rest of the island is available for use (that other players havent claimed)

You can build and protect an area using towny. Towny requires money which you can either get from other players, take up the Adventuring Path or simple vote for our server in /inspiration sites.

Building and Player Cities

In Fall of an Empire, the world is divided into two types of areas: Player Build Areas and Campaign Areas. You cannot build or destroy in Campaign Areas but players are welcome to build whatever they like in the player areas, so long as it follows the server rules To protect the environment from griefing and managing abandoned areas, players must purchase any land they wish to build or destroy on. For this we use towny (see below) Although anyone can create an area for themselves in a player build area, we recommend all payers join an already established town to facilitate RP. However, if you are a hermit type, you can pay the fee of $500 to purchase a town with the /town create command You can find player build areas on our dynmap

Establishing a new Town

To create your own town you need to be in the Wilderness. That’s anywhere where a town doesn’t exist already. When you walk around it will say ~Wilderness This means you are standing in a chunk that is currently unoccupied. To found your town there you can use this command /town new Townname This will establish a town at your position assuming you have the money to pay for it. The size of the town will start out at 16x16 blocks wide and all the way from bedrock to the sky. To keep your town you need to pay Upkeep this is important to remember and you can see the prices using the towny prices command /towny prices To deposit money into your town bank so your upkeep continues to be paid daily use the /town deposit command Run out of money in your town bank and your town will fall /town deposit amount You can also see the balance of your town bank with /town or /t

Inviting new Residents to your town

To invite others to your town, you can use the command /town invite [name] Once the player joins they will be a member of your town and will show on the town resident list on /town

Extending your town

You can extend your town by standing in an adjacent ~WildLand area and typing /town claim Prices are shown on the /towny prices command - you can also extend your town in large chunks with /town claim rect amount Which claims area around your town at a distance of ‘amount’ If you want to claim a plot that is not adjacent to your town will need to be claimed as an outpost, these are more expensive and are shown on /towny prices /town claim outpost

Marking your town plots for sale

If you want to sell plots for your residents in your town you can stand in an area and do forsale command /plot forsale [AMOUNT] Where amount is the price you want to sell the plot for You can unlist it for sale with /plot notforsale Residents can buy plots with /plot claim

Adventuring Path


First you need to find an npc called Adventurer

You can find him outside the tavern in the starting area

Right click him to target him

Now type HAIL

He will introduce himself and offer you options in purple text

Say those words back to him (Ie say: I am an adventurer) - This will then teleport you to the adventuring tutorial (or tell you that you are missing the mod)

If you forgot to install the mod, see you need to install our Mod

If you have trouble with installing it, feel free to ask in /o

Getting to Grips with the Adventuring Tutorial

Because our server is so different you might need help getting started with the change in the interface. See our Tutorial for the Tutorial page for a complete step by step guide


See Statistics

Targetting yourself for Spells

To target yourself please see your keybinds, by default this is ctrl - 1

You will see your name in the target area on the right

Clearing your target

To clear your target please see your keybinds, by default this is ctrl - ¬

Spell Reagents

Some spells require reagents which you can get from drops and shops.

Hold the reagent in your hand when in the inventory window and drop it onto the reagent button in the top right corner of the screen

Alternatively you can type /reagent add

Various vendors in cities spell reagents for spells. Some powerful or rare spells may require mob drops for the reagents.

Bind Wound*

Players can bind their wounds with an abiliy from a level 1 vendor. This requires bandages in your /reagent pouch


Scattered among the various merchants and lost dungeons of solinia lay many forgotten items of power which increase player statistics and grant unique bonuses that players cannot find elsewhere such as spell resistances and mana regeneration Items and weapons often can only be used by specific players so be sure to inspect the item before purchasing

Some items slot into special equipment slots that display on the right side of your inventory window

To remove items from your equipment slots you can right click the slot

The easiest way to earn starter gear is via the medallion quests found outside most taverns in npc cities


Each class provides a number of Skills for your character to learn using /skills Skills range from language to magic and melee skills and affect how various mechanics work in Fall of an Empire. These are generally damage modifiers, resists and other passive ‘always on’ effects. Skills have a limited value that generally is determined by your level and for resists can be raised by certain special items.

Racial Passives

Races gain bonuses to passive abilities, see each race page for more details. To toggle off racial passives use /togglepassive

Abilities and Spells

Abilities and Spells are items that can be found in game that look like enchanted books. There are hundreds of abilities that have all manner of effects from beneficial to destructive or even utility. Abilities can be purchased from most Profession Guilds in large NPC cities, special abilities can also be found on monsters throughout the world and hidden vendors scattered around Solinia.

To use an ability you will need to drop the spell book into your spell button in the top right of your inventory. Once it is in your spellbook you can open the spellbook with the K keybind.

Spells can be chosen and placed into memorisation slots at hte top of your screen by left clicking on the spell and left clicking on a memorisation slot.

You can quick cast these spells by default with ALT-1 ALT-2 ALT-3 etc.

At the right of the screen you will notice you have a TARGET:. Targets can be selected by right clicking an npc or palyer.

Note some abilities require a target where as others, such as area of effect will target yourself automatically.

Abilities require Mana/Power which can be found at the top of your screen. You can regenerate mana by standing still or wearing mana regen items. You can also buy potions, get special buffs from other players or stand in a regen pool or area. Items with statistics on them such as INT, WIS or AGI depending on your profession

Pet Classes

Some pets require reagents, such as bone chips to summon your skeleton pet or malachite to summon a magician pet.

Put these in your reagent pouch with /reagent add or drop the reagents onto the reagent icon in the top right corner of your inventory screen

To make your pet attack another mob, first target the mob with right click. Then use the keybind for Pet Attack (default R) to send your pet in. You can also control this with /pet attack and stop attack with /pet back.

Another useful command is /pet equip to destroy the item you are holding and give it to your pet, this can make your pet very powerful.

See more info on your pet with the /pet command.

Alternative Advancement

When a player reaches level 50 they are able to access the /toggleaa command. This will begin siphoning all experience gained into alternative advancement which will reward points that can be spent on new character powers in the /AA command

AAs can massively increase a players power far beyond what tradition levels can and allows players to keep progressing their character despite reaching maximum level

Earning money through adventuring

Fall of an empire uses its own internal economy plugins to allow players to interact with merchant NPC’s to sell and buy items.

Just like with NPC quests, right click NPC’s which are buying or selling items and type SHOP and they will list everything they are interested in trading Click on each item you wish to buy or sell to complete a transaction. For example click an item in your inventory at the bottom and click it on the top merchant inventory to sell it. NPCs only buy ‘adventuring items’ not raw minecraft items (for economic control reasons)

Killing mobs is a great way to make money if you are just starting off or alternatively buy items off the /inspiration shop and sell them for $500 each. You can gain inspiration once a day from voting

To check your balance at any time use the command /balance or /bal You can also pay other players using the /pay command with /pay playername amount


You can also create a group to talk to players in any distance by using the /group command and /g to send a message Groups also allow you to earn experience with your fellow heroes as well as monitor their hit points You can invite players to your party with /group invite and list all players in your party with /group list


Getting around isn’t easy, so we recommend using while travelling long distances.

At most major cities you can find a Travelling Denko npc which can ride you to another town for a low cost (see their shop)

Remember, travel with friends where possible and be sure to grab a saddle from a Horse Vendor and use a steed.

If the journey is a long one, stock up on rations so you don’t get stuck in the wild with no food or find a friendly druid and wizard who can teleport you to various locations around the world.

Map of the World

Events[email protected]&pli=1

Anything else

To fight bots and spammers and toxic players we store and use your IP address for filtering purposes


Any help, please ask in /ooc or come by our discord

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