NOTE: You require the latest version of Forge and the latest version of our mod to play on the server.

Minecraft Forge: (Here you need to get the version of minecraft used for the server.) Our Server Mod: (Get the newest version) Java (Only if it is not installed):

Once Forge is installed, Select the “Install Client option”

If you have not used Minecraft forge before:

  • Press and hold the Windows Key (Commonly found on the bottom of the keyboard next to the space bar on the left)

  • Press the “R” key while you are holding the windows key.

  • Click on the Text box, And Type “ %appdata%”

  • once the file opens, Look for the file called “.minecraft”

  • Double click the folder so that it opens, Then create a folder named “mods”

  • Drag and drop the mod into the newly created mods folder

  • Open the Minecraft Launcher, And go to create a new Installation under the “Installations” tab

  • Locate the “Release 1.14.4-Forge-XX.X.X” name, and select it. After click Create

  • Go to the “Play” tab, and select the newly created Forge launcher, and hit Play

  • Congratulations, You should now have Forge working along with the mod installed!

If you need any more help visit the #Support channel on our discord.


Last modified January 24, 2020: Update (d7f36db)