Fall of an Empire is currently locked to Minecraft Version: 1.14.4

This guide is for Microsoft Windows 10, if you are using Linux please see the active support ticket thread

This guide presumes you have java installed already, if you dont you will need to install java 8 which is required by the forge installer -

Step 1 - Prerequisite Downloads

You should start by downloading these three files below

Our Server Mod:

Download: (Get the newest JAR version)

Our Resource Pack:


Minecraft Forge:

You must have version 28.1.70 - This is the only version we support


Optifine MOD:

You must have version OptiFine_1.14.4_HD_U_F5_MOD.jar


Step 2 - Installing Forge

Double click on the forge file you downloaded

Press OK to begin the install to your minecraft folder

Forge is now installed

Step 3 - Installing the Mod

Goto the start menu

Type in %appdata% into the start menu search

Click the %appdata% icon at the top

Go into the .minecraft folder

If you have a mods folder like in the screenshot, go inside it, if the folder doesnt exist, create it exactly as you see it in the screenshot

Drop the solinia3-ui jar file into the mods folder

The mod is now installed

Step 4 - Installing the Optifine MOD

Like above goto your %appdata% / .minecraft / mods folder

Copy the Optifine MOD jar into the mods folder

Optifine is now installed and can be used at the same time as forge

New Player Guide

You should now be ready to follow our New Player Guide -

Need more help?

If you need any more help visit the #Support channel on our discord.

Last modified March 28, 2020: Update (3011075)