Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct

Note: You are expected to check this page often as it will change.

Solinian Code of Conduct

To ensure that all members are able to enjoy their online experience safely and freely, Solinia has established a Code of Conduct which all members (and moderators) are expected to follow. This is above and beyond the Rules. Make sure you read and understand this section well as it is the foundation upon which all our players place their stories of heroism and kinship, murder and betrayal. Above all remember those who weave these tales are real people behind the masks they choose to dawn. Have fun and do your best to help others to have fun too. Yours is not the only hero in the game.

Harmful Behavior

Members agree to not engage in behavior which interferes with other players’ enjoyment of the game. This includes:

Staff Respect

Do not bug staff, if you have an issue please report it either in the support channel on discord (see our site for the discord link) or if it is a gameplay issue related to our plugin create an issue on github: Being a staff member is difficult, draining and mostly unrewarding. Please be respectful, they work hard for this server for free. If you are being rude to them it will be classified as griefing. If a staff member asks you to stop doing something and you don’t it will be classified as griefing. If you can, just leave them alone they are most likely very busy.


PVP is allowed on the server but you must request consent from the player you wish to engage in combat with. You are not permitted to attack players in the spawn areas. Just use your brain, nobody wants to come to a server and be instantly attacked.


Disturbing other player’s property or items without their permission, including: * Breaking or placing blocks on other player’s property * Stealing items from chests owned by other players * Entering other player’s houses uninvited * Purposefully preventing players from being able to complete quests, gathering items etc. Share the game, try not to camp, agree to split the camp if necessary 5050. Note killing vendor NPCs etc are fine, just don’t do it if someone else is busy with them. If you need to kill them then ask to share the camp * Stealing or killing player animals horses animals etc. * Stealing all the loot in a group Most of this is self evident. Just think, is it yours? Would you like this done to you?


You are not permitted to access our server via a VPN or tor exit node

Public Nuisance

Creating “traps” or placing dangerous blocks (fire, lava, etc.) in public property “Spamming” the chat with repetitive or unwanted messages Building 1x1 towers (even for your elytra) it looks horrid


Killing a player, even indirectly, outside of designated PvP RP
Following, sending /msg messages, or otherwise harassing another player after they have asked you to stop

Server Abuse / Hacking

NPCs are limited in their abilities, many people cheese npcs by standing two blocks above the NPC. It is not likely to get you banned but it is frowned upon. Do not get caught doing this. Use root or whatever your equivelent is ability is. Do you really want us to make NPCs teleport to you when cant path? Attempting to gain unauthorized access to the server, otherwise restricted console commands, or using third-party tools to “hack” elevated privileges or unauthorized abilities will result in a citation. This also includes:
Item duplication glitches

This includes causing the server to use more resources than it would normally. Such as extending the map, causing lots of entities to spawn, making use of redstone or using abilities or anything else that would cause out of the ordinary increased cpu, memory, bandwidth or storage.

Modded clients

All Other glitches and exploits

Redstone, Large Animal farms, Breeding Villagers

Redstone should be kept to a minimum, if you are wondering if you need permission to do something its probably too big and not permitted You may not breed villagers, use armour stands if you want an npc like creature You must keep your animal farm at an acceptable level that will not affect player frame rate or be done just for your convenience. We need the entity space for other mobs


All violations of this code of conduct will result in an instant ban with very little chance of appeal.

If you are lucky you may be given a warning, at which point accept the warning and move on with your life.

Disagreements with Staff

Staff decisions are final. If you kick up a fuss about the decision a staff member has made and they have told you to drop it (and you don’t) expect a ban. If you believe a staff member is acting out of malice then please inform the owner. If the owner desides the decision was correct then deal with it.

Suggested Conduct

The following are suggestions for interacting with other players. It would be great for everyone, regardless of rank, to take heed of these suggestions. However, for higher ranks, we recommend this even more strongly, and we might even go so far as to call this a “code of conduct” for the higher ranks, who have a responsibility to act fairly justly and above all honourably when representing the server. Be welcoming to new players, including guests. Attempt to get involved and help them in meaningful ways. Drop off some food or starter mats for people who have just gotten a pelot. Recognize positive behavior, especially good builds. Drop by and offer your compliments if they are due. Offer constructive suggestions if asked. When you see someone breaking some behavioral or other rules, please politely correct them in private via /msg. Nobody likes to be called out in public. For people who have a tendency to ask lots of questions, politely redirect them to the website rather than simply saying “website.” If applicable, give them a general idea of where to look, such as the name of the page. Make sure they feel listened too and that people are encouraged to ask any questions they may have. There is no such thing as a dumb question. If you feel you must answer (or ask!) a question that you are unsure of or is not covered on the website or the Solinia wiki, provide your best answer via /msg, or ask someone you know via /msg, rather than in global chat. We do not wish to encourage guessing at or asking these questions in global, as this can send inconsistent messages to new players

For clear or persistent rules violations, use your judgment. Highguard Masters and Elders, provide a clear warning via private /msg if it is warranted. When necessary, mute or ban appropriately, and without drama. For other ranks, please report rules violations via /pm on our forums to a Highguard rather than any kind of public forum post. Public announcements of rules violations tend to have a negative effect on our community. PM`s are confidential between the submitter and admins.

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