Mortals have been gifted the power of free will which often directly contradicts the divine will of the Gods. Due to this the Gods actions often only steer the direction of men. All of the Gods hold sway over areas of power and influence and all power flows downwards from the upper pantheon. The non discordant Gods primary desire is to maintain balance and offer stability to a reality which can only extend so far when coming into contact with beings who hold the power of free will

Due to this it was necessary for a being which could foresee all potential realities laid bare by the manifested power of mortals so that each potential outcome of an event could be influenced in a direction to maintain a stable reality

Seeing how such a power could benefit him the Dark God Etsi did take on the form of a beautiful female mortal named Eloria who’s glowing skin and figure was said to rival even the Goddess of Beauty, enamoured by this maidens form Bolaris the God of Knowledge did lay with her and she give birth to a child named Zurvan, blessed with the power of knowledge and wisdom and tutored by Etsi, Dark Lord of Bargains. As the divine child grew in age and power he began to foresee future events before they happened, whispering in the ears of his mother the outcomes of deals she would make. Etsi, in his ruse when bargaining with other Gods consolidated great power during this time

It was not until the boy grew into a man that Etsis power over the child begin to falter. As his power grew he began to see not only events that would come but events that had or could have already happened. Seeing through his mother’s questions and their true purpose he would no longer aid her in acts of trickery, in a fit of rage Etsi cast the young man down from her plane onto Solinia never to return to the realms of the pantheon until he agreed to help her once more

Alone and wondering the lands of men Zurvan came into contact with many mortals many who began to follow and worship him as a great prophet of fortune and foresight. Each contact with beings of free will took its toll on Zurvan as his powers of divination grew more complex and chaotic with each encounter. With so many potential realities and destinies of these mortal beings, Zurvans mind began to shatter, his language becoming ever more unintelligible and his writings become odd patterns and symbols.

As Zurvans ideas and stories became increasingly abstract and confusing (even his body appearing weakened as the burden of his gift appeared to take a toll on him physically) one of his most devout apostles began to write down the divine words into The Great Book of Destiny a task which drove each new scribe into an ever increasing madness. The task passed down from person to person as each apostle was slowly lost to the chaos in Zurvans teachings

Seeing the great suffering of his child Boralis cursed Etsi. Beseaching Boryan, The God of Dreams to place Zurvan in a peaceful sleep so that his physical body may rest as his mind grappled with the nature of time. It was there on the edges of the Plane of Dreams that the Plane of Time would sprout, it’s many paths spreading out into a complex maze of walkways along the sound of ticking clocks did Zurvan wander, occasionally passing great messages to his apostles on Solinia through the dreams of Goryan so the Great Book may continue to be written

It is said the Great Book is still maintained by a secret order of paladins and shall one day find its way into the hands of a worthy mortal so it’s teachings can lead them through a time of great calamity

Divine Domains


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